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Sep 10, 2009 01:27 AM

confit det canard - how to expand on it

Hi everyone,

Confit the canard is a true sunday favourite with my family. Nevertheless, we are becoming bored of always serving it with fried potatoes and haricots.

Well: What to do? I thought about trying out a mushroom and walnut salad - had something like that in Paris last year - but I am not certain.

Some of my relatives is coming over in two days, so i Just need some quick responses.

Does my idea sound ok?
Are there any other suggestions?

(I must ad that I'm not that into ginger, five spice etc for this dish - I want to expand on the ways of balancing I already love about the confit)


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  1. with confit, i like (but necessarily together):
    braised leeks ( i use chicken stock, olive oil, alt & sugar to braise)
    morrocan carrot salad with orange blossom water
    watercress salad
    garlic flans
    couscous with chopped almonds and preserved lemons
    orange/olive salad
    sliced tomato with fried garlic and slivered basil
    zucchini latkes
    pea/mint pancakes
    snap peas with orange zest

    1. I love serving confit duck legs with lentils. I include some aromatics in the lentils [whatever I have in the kitchen.] Recently, I served with an orange sauce and crispy chard and that was absolutely delicious. You could also deconstruct a cassoulet, using white beans, simmered with as many or as few traditional cassoulet ingredients as you want.

      1. Take it off the bone and incorporate it into risotto.