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Commander's Palace lunch

I'll be making a return visit to New Orleans at the end of October and my goal is to visit some of the restaurants I've missed in the past. We're hoping to go to lunch at Commander's Palace at 11:30 on a Thursday, but we have a tour scheduled in the Garden District for 1:45...do you think this would be rushing it? Would 2 hours be enough time for lunch? I know Galatoire's is known for their long, leisurely lunches, but didn't know if Commander's had the same vibe. Also, should we be thinking about doing the jazz brunch instead of lunch? Is it a better experience?
Thank you for the help!

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  1. I haven't done the jazz brunch at Commander's but I've done lunch twice and two hours is enough time, assuming your tour starts nearby. It's not quite like Galatoire's in pacing but it's not rushed either. And don't forget, the lunch deals are amazingly affordable. You're going to have an amazing time. It's the best!

    1. 2 hrs should be good. will you be imbibing at lunch, and is this a walking tour?
      if so, pace yourself and get a go bevvie for the tour! cheers!

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          just be careful when ordering. I was offered the martini of the day, which turned out to be $6 and not the 25 cent.

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            To be fair, the non-25c drinks are wonderful as well and well worth the money. The hibiscus martini is amazing. But, yeah, know which one you're ordering. We usually start with a special cocktail and then move on to a couple of cheapies.

            Other cocktails there I highly recommend: The Papa Doble and the Whiskey Smash. Even at full price they're a steal. $8 for a cocktail that in New York would probably be $18, and mixed up by a real master to boot.

      1. Reserve the garden room, 2 hrs. will be plenty of time. Perhaps August or Cuvee for Fri. lunch.

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          Is Commander's Palace jackets required? Their site says recommended but can you get away with a nice button down shirt and nice jeans?

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            you'll likely find that people dress for Commander's, so you might want to step it up a bit.

        2. Thank you for all the feedback! I'll make sure to post a review after the trip.

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            IS there any way to do the lunch or tour on a different day? I know that what I wear to lunch at CP, would not be what I would wear for a walking tour of the Garden District. You will love Commander's. Try to reserve the Garden Room for lunch.

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              It's so funny that you mentioned this because I've been thinking the same thing re: the clothes. I might be able to switch some things around...so far I've been planning this trip like a drill sergeant and every minute seems to be accounted for. I also, thought if I wore a sundress and heels for lunch I could just change shoes for the tour (I have a big purse and all kinds of things can fit in there!). :)

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                Carry some flip-flops and you should be good to go! If dining with a male companion, not sure what you can do to lose the jacket and uncomfortable shoes.

          2. just a quick q on the 0.25 martinis...so it's just well liquor, cuz i imagine you can't get a kettle one or grey goose martini for that little. all i know is i loves me a dirty martini...

            1. 2 hrs for weekday lunch is plenty of time. He should have a jacket, as others have said
              there will be lots of professional locals having a business lunch.

              How are you getting there? If your hotel is in CBD or FQtr, you can easily take the St. Charles line to walk the 2 blocks to Commander's. Great ride - allow 30 minutes.

              When you finish your tour - assuming their dropping you off at Commander's where they
              picked you up - walk over 3 blocks to Sucre or Divina Gelateria on Magazine Street
              for that midafternoon pick me up. they are on the same block. Sucre is incredible and visually flawless, great place for food gifts (absinthe truffles) for your foodies friends back home. Sucre's packaging is just beautiful. You could do both - chocolates @ Sucre and gelato @ La Divina.

              IMO Galatoire's is long crazy lunches on Friday's, the rest of the workweek it's a business
              lunch "every Wed third table on the left by the column" for business owners, attorney's architects, bankers, etc. kind of place for disposable income locals.

              Thanks for visiting the city and spending money @ local businesses.

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                Thank you for the tips! Sucre sounds like a great idea. I've seen their website and it does look like a great place for gifts.

                New Orleans is our favorite place to visit and spend money! :) This will be my ninth visit and my husband's third and no matter how many times we come we never get to everything on our list. It's an amazing city.

              2. What would everyone recommend at Commander's? What are their best dishes? I know the cread pudding souffle for dessert but what about apps, mains, etc. I heard the menu changes with the seasons also.

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                  my 2 favorite apps:

                  SHRIMP AND TASSO HENICAN
                  Crystal hot sauce beurre blanc, pickled okra and five pepper jelly

                  Oyster & Absinthe “Dome”
                  Plump P&J oysters poached with bacon, artichokes,
                  French Absinthe and a splash of double cream
                  ~Presented under a flaky pastry shell

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                    CP blows hot & cold for me---and this goes back a LONG way. I do always recommend the turtle soup which is the best publically available on a day-to-day basis. Only a few times has it been sub-par and even then it is better than most anywhere else. I had not encountered the full descriptionof the Oyster and Absinthe Dome... I still have a general aversion to adjectives and adverbs on menus.

                    The coffee, on three of the last four trips, has been burned. I think they must like to serve it that way and pretend it is strong. On the fourth trip I had tea.

                    1. re: hazelhurst

                      I don't eat adjectives or adverbs either, but in some instances they are warranted.
                      I've read too many times of someone not liking BBQ shrimp, only to find out they thought they were getting grilled shrimps w/BBQ sauce and did not understand NOLA style BBQ shrimp. I appreciate descriptions when venturing into a new culture or cuisine whether at home or traveling.
                      and yes, agreed about the temp of CP.

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                        Well, it's things such as "succulent shrimp" or " sea-fresh scallops" always cooked "to perfection" and then "crowned" or "finished" or "garnished" that get me. I'm just as happy to ask whathehell something is.