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Sep 9, 2009 11:49 PM

Delicious Mooncake on Chinese Mid-autumn Festival

Moon cakes were elaborate sacrifices offered to Moon Goddess at the beginning. As time goes by, people have gradually integrated the activity in praise of the moon with the moon cakes. Now at the Mid-Autumn Festival, people eat moon cakes to express their homesickness and love for their family member, and their hope for a bumper harvest and a happy life, as the moon cake symbolizes family reunion.
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  1. I've always found mooncakes in HK to be of higher quality than those we get in Singapore. But perhaps HK CHers can vote where in HK can we find the BEST mooncakes!

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    1. re: klyeoh

      Wing Wah or Maxim's? Original filling (brown/red/yellow) or white? I personally prefer original with 2-3 eggs.

      1. re: klyeoh

        Bought some lotus seed paste ones from Grand Hyatt HK but they were disappointing.

        1. re: klyeoh

          I'm merely a frequent visitor to HK, and not that experienced with moon cakes, but the 2 egg ones I got at Lin Heung, the old-style dim sum place on Wellington, were very good. I've never enjoyed the ones I had in San Francisco much, but these were very tasty.

        2. is there a link for special vietnamese moon cake called banh bia sau rieng made with durian anywhere near NY or NJ? Desperately looking for.

          1. A family friend just came back from Beijing and box a gourmet box of moon cakes. I tried the XO with dried scallop flavour and beef. Both were interesting, worth a try once but personally I don't know if I would dish out that type of money. Both were sweet and savory, tasting just like how XO flavoured dish should. The beef one was also spicy, kinda like taiwanese beef noodle soup.