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Sep 9, 2009 09:49 PM

Wine bars in Las Vegas? Suggestions

Hi chows !

Anyone out there have a suggestion for a wine bar in Las Vegas. I live here but I can't say I have been to one...friends want to go to one on the weekend. Thanks beforehand.

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  1. The Grape at Town Square is decent--I don't know how great their wine selection is, but it's cool to walk around Town Square and there are a bunch of other bars/restaurants there too. The Hostile Grape at the M Resort has the enomatic wine system where you get a wine debit card and can try a bunch of different stuff, which is pretty cool. I was there on a weekend and it was pretty packed, but that was right after it opened, so not sure if it's still that busy. The bar at Nora's Wine Bar over on Charleston and Rampart is cool...the same debit card idea...but it's not strictly a bar, there's a restaurant too. Hope that helps!

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      Green Valley Ranch also now has a wine bar with the Enomatic system/debit cards; it's a nice room and decent selection.

    2. There's one at Mandalay Bay between Burgar Bar and Border Grill. I think the name is 55 Degrees. I haven't tried it yet, just pass it when we go to Burger Bar. It looks interesting and might be worth a try.

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        Unfortunately 55 Degrees was replaced by some sort of vodka bar last year.

        Double Helix at Palazzo has a great selection.

        Enoteca San Marco is also a good choice for a wine bar (enomatic) is you are looking to try some Italian wines.

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          hmmm. just 2 weeks ago I walked by something that I could swear was a wine bar located between Burger Bar and Border Grill at Mandalay. Sounds like a good reason to eat at Burger Bar again next week just to satisfy my curiosity.

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            You're going to be disappointed kathyvegas.

            Here is a link to the lame (but trendy) place that replaced 55 degrees.


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              It sure didn't look like that when I walked by it last week, I'd remember the people sitting at the bar in fur lined parkas, lol! I KNOW we'll be hitting the Strip next week. This is going to drive me nuts till I see it. I'll keep you posted.

              1. re: kathyvegas

                Did 55 degrees miraculously reappear?

                1. re: climberdoc

                  LOL...Sit tight! My mission was on the schedule last night but was sidetracked against my will to an unspeakably horrible Italian place.....tomorrow is another day! Things have been changing so quickly in some spots on the Strip who knows..maybe next week it'll be a tequila bar.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Thanks again everyone... lots of choices to choose from. I didn't know there were that many. Grape Town has come up in conversation a couple of times today...maybe I'll try that one first. Love Nora's, have only been to Nora's on Flamingo so I'll check out the one on Charleston.

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          1. re: Lemoncaper

            Here is one of the great things about Las Vegas - just about every restaurant on the Strip, and many off of it, are a wine bar waiting to happen. So instead of focusing on the "wine bar" concept, it could also be which particular restaurant(s) have the most comfortable bar settings, and whether or not appetizers and light grazing would be a part of the evening. Just some food for thought...

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              I'll keep that in mind... but we are thinking wine, not food ... for this weekend anyway. I think the wine bar is run in a different way than a restaurant that serves wine... or am I wrong. I haven't been to a wine bar..just going by what I am reading here

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                Enoteca is a place that fits what QAW is describing. One could go as a restaurant or a wine bar or both.

            2. I would second Nora's. My favorite wine bar was the one on Charleston just east of Fort Apache on the south side of the street. I can't remember the specific name but was something like Blue.