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Sep 9, 2009 08:14 PM
Discussion 90% off for 99 Hours

To celebrate (?) 09/09/09 they are doing a promo which started at midnight and runs for 99 hours. Now this beats our great deals from GO. Would be great to buy for those starving Cal students and us po' folk.


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  1. Anyone have any favorites from the site to recommend? Any location, any food, it's our anniversary next week and this might actually give us a chance to eat out!

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      1. re: elliora

        In the EB, I would say Digs would be perfect for an anniversary dinner. Prima if in CoCoCounty. I am too tired tonight to hit the SF list.

      2. What is the promo for, gift certificates, or ?? I don't see anything on their site about 90% off. What am I missing?

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        1. re: Mick Ruthven

          Mick: you don't see the discount until you pay but remember to put the discount code in "NINETY" or you'll pay regular price.

          Many of the ones I want are Out of Stock.

          1. re: hhc

            If they are out of stock, just purchase a bunch of the generic "gift" certificates. You'll get the 90% discount, and then can use them down the road once the restaurants you like are back in stock.

            Also if you use your Discover card you can get 20% cashback. Just be careful and don't click on any extra links at the very end - some people have complained that they accidentally joined a third party "club" that charged them fees every month by doing so.

            1. re: alina555

              >just purchase a bunch of the generic "gift" certificates. You'll get the 90% discount, and then can use them down the road once the restaurants you like are back in stock.<

              Is there any disadvantage to the generic gift certificates vs. pre-specifying a restaurant? If not, why wouldn't everyone just get the gift certificates and decide later where to use them? I'm not arguing, just trying to understand this thing.

              1. re: Mick Ruthven

                There is no disadvantage to stocking up on the generic ones. Most frequent users know this, and stock up big time whenever these 80-90% off sales come around (which have been actually happening quite often as of late). As soon as replenishes their stock (usually the beginning of a month), you can go on and redeem your generic GC for the restaurant of your choice.

                I think most casual users don't even realize they can purchase generic GCs, so they will just go for whatever is in stock at the time.

                And to answer abstractpoet's question, yes you do have to redeem it in for a specific restaurant; you cannot just bring it into any establishment. :)

                1. re: alina555

                  Right. =) My point was that there's not necessarily an advantage to getting the generic certificate if the restaurant you're interested in is currently available, especially if you plan on going anytime soon--otherwise, it might get sold out and then you'd have to wait again until the beginning of the next month.

                  Also, in the terms and conditions, it says that each certificate expires one year from its date of issue "except in California and where otherwise prohibited by law". Anyone know what the specific policy is in California?

                  1. re: abstractpoet

                    Yup, in CA there is no expiration date on gift certificates, so since they use the slick marketing approach of calling this a "gift certificate" instead of a "coupon" (which it essentially is, since you can't use these paired with another coupon or certificate, and there are generally dollar requirements) in CA these don't expire.

                  2. re: alina555

                    Thanks for the great explanation. You certainly don't get that from their site.

                    Now, how about telling us what it's like to actually use a restaurant GC. Is each GC for a $ amount and that amount is subtracted from your bill? When do you present it? Is there ever an issue with using one of them?

                    1. re: Mick Ruthven

                      You should always call beforehand to make sure the restaurant still takes the GC. Many of these restaurants sign up with (who makes total profit from these coupon sales; the restaurant just signs along hoping for new business) but then pull out if business gets better or if they feel like they are being abused with too frequent use of the coupons. So always double check - I've been stung once by a restaurant that refused the coupon after I had eaten.

                      Once confirmed over the phone, I typically just tuck the coupon in with my credit card when paying the bill. It works very similar to any other restaurant coupon or Entertainment book coupon in that manner. They'll re-run the total with the discount (provided you've met your dollar spend requirement) and present the regular bill.

                      Since these are really "coupons" you cannot double up (like present two or three of the GCs at once for one meal) or use with another coupon (like if they had an ad with a real coupon). You should be able to use it alongside a REAL gift certificate though.

                      Hope that helps!

                2. re: alina555

                  Yeah, I'm also unclear on how to use the generic certificates. You can't actually use them in a restaurant, right? You'd still have to exchange it for a certificate to a specific restaurant at some point...

                  1. re: abstractpoet

                    You print out the certificate from the website and bring it to the restaurant. There usually some restrictions, like minimum order amount, doesn't apply to alcohol, etc. But at 90% off it's a good deal.

            2. Great certificates for Cafe Collucci, Champa Garden, Digs Bistro, Messob, and Otaez. $95 in discounts overall, and it only cost me $4.05! And all those places are ones I would definitely go to anyway.

              Make sure you read the fine print, as some of the coupons are only good on certain days or only for lunch or not including alcohol, etc.

              The only one I think will be mildly hard to use is the $25 Otaez certificate, which requires that my bill be at least $50--hard for two people to spend that much there. I'll have to get a group together or order a lot of margaritas. =)

              1. Thanks for the tip, trying to wait for hubby to get home to pick a place. One question, let's say for example a place states that you must purchase $35 in food but does not say alcohol is excluded does that mean the $35 has to be only in food?

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                1. re: elliora

                  I would assume that would mean you have to spend at least $35 on food (not including alcohol). The ones that don't have the "in food" stipulation would just be the total bill.

                  1. re: abstractpoet

                    That's what I figured, thought I'd check though since I like your margarita idea :)

                2. This seems to work everywhere, just purchased a $10.00, a $25.00 and a $100.00 total should have been $54.00, got away with $5.40 thanks for the tip.. BTW I'm in Louisville, KY

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                  1. re: Lightsuprooms

                    YAY, I just bought $100 gift certificates for $4!