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Sep 9, 2009 08:11 PM

Scottsdale Trip Report Card-B+

Our Labor Day trip dining started off with great guac at RBar and then a miss at BLT Steak at the Camelback Inn. Great Fresh Watermelon Basil Margarita at the bar. Asked for a nice table on Opentable website as was a hotel guest and did not get seated in the main dining room but near the bar eventhough it wasn't that crowded. The pate amuse was served slightly warm which was unusual to say the least having eaten my share of pate living in France. The popovers were very good served with a salt shaker and butter. We ordered off the $50 blackboard menu. Fried Oysters, Asparagus wrapped in pancetta (salty), steak and scallops, spatzel and peas. The scallops were so salty they were inedible which just shows the lack of imagination in the kitchen. All in all a disappointing meal! Fortunately things improved from there.
Breakfast at Rita's was an excellent egg white Fritatta. We also had a light dinner one night with a yellow tomato gazpacho with apple that was yummy.
Sunday brunch at T. Cook's at the Royal Palms was also excellent. Be sure and reserve though.
High quality, good selection and affordable.
Happy Hour at Olive and Ivy for a quick bite on the way to the airport. Asparagus Mushroom flatbread was great.
Service at the Camelback was excellent.

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  1. Small tip for the future: Be specific when requesting tables. "Nice table" will get you nowhere. Where I work, we got rid of the not-nice tables years ago. If you say in your request "Table away from the bar" or "We prefer a booth" or something along those lines, then the host can reserve that specific kind of table for you. Also, instead of complaining here on CH that you didn't get a table in the middle of the dining room, it works better to mention directly to the host before you sit that you would like a different table. The same works well for when the food doesn't come out right. Let the waiter know the scallops are too salty next time and he'll be happy to fix things for you.

    Oh, where is Rita's? Is it the main restaurant at Camelback Inn?

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      I have to agree about being a bit more specific about what kind of table you want. Obviously if you know the layout, you can ask for "a table near the garden windows" or something along those lines. Even if you do not know the layout, you can be a bit more specific like "a quiet table along the perimeter of the room" etc. I have found this to be most helpful in getting the table you want.