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Sep 9, 2009 07:25 PM

Foodies looking for the ultimate day of food and tasting


I am a New Orleans chowhound who will be visiting New York in October. Since I live in a food city, I'm obsessed with food! Because I'm spoiled in my home town, I don't need 5 star dining. Great quality, interesting and yummy food! We will plan to have one knock out meal during our trip (I have a reservation at Daniel, but am open to alternatives)

I'd like to make the rounds and do my own food tasting tour in the city- exotic/ethnic, pastries, meats, specialty foods, and of course desserts.

If you had 3-4 hours and wanted to try your favorites around Manhattan, a $100-200 budget, what would they be?

We are open to taking subways and cabs and to experiencing hole in the wall places that many tourists don't visit. I'm also open to a progressive meal in one neighborhood. My mom, a history teacher will be joining me so a historic/cultural location would be a plus.

I look forward to your creative ideas!

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  1. Hi there, welcome to the Manhattan boards!

    I'm not quite conversant in the strengths New Orleans has to offer, so some guidelines might be helpful. It will be easier for us to recommend an itinerary if we know what you're looking for, maybe where you want to start/end up. Since your mother will be joining you, I'd look into the Lower East side (which also has the LES Tenement Museum), for a slice of NY history. See RGR's self-guided LES gustatory tour:

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    1. i love eating in new orleans. here are some thoughts for manhattan:
      sushi yasuda (omakase at the bar). lunch or dinner. make a reservation.
      pizza margherita at keste pizza and vino.
      tapas at tia pol. sit at the tiny bar for a drink or two before sitting at your tiny table.
      martini at the king cole bar (look good).
      burger, at the bar, at corner bistro (just an old corner bar but i like it/love the 'hood).

      1. Thank you all, I will review those items. We are looking into a tour with Enthusiastic Gourmet in the Lower East Side. But we are open to expanded suggestions for our meals-
        No Cajun, yes to ethnic and international food, easy access to subway, hole in the wall places that tourists don't go, sophisticated cocktails a plus, not necessarily high star rating ($$$$) but rather good tasting food, chocolates and desserts,
        Hope that helps!

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          hi cookbook, I'm from Nola too! You can eat a la carte at the Per Se Salon - first-come, first served. I did that and it was AWESOME. I need to put my review on here because for some reason they gave us a tour of the kitchen and free blueberry muffins to take home. I guess I looked like a food writer or something?

          I also like Maison du Chocolat, Babbo, EMP and Jean-Georges for lunch, Ess-A-Bagel, and Death & Co. (for drinks and small bites). I made the trek out to DiFara which was time consuming but worth the experience (not that I will do it again, though, LOL!). Have a great time!

          1. re: cookbooknola

            A suggestion: Save the $50 on the Enthusiastic Gourmet's walking tour and put it toward some good eats! As suggested above, there is the Lower East Side, self-guided walking tour that is much-referenced on this board, and many other such self-guided tours for other neighborhooods (Just type in, in quotes, "walking tour" on this board.) Do a bit of pre-reading on these neighborhoods online prior to your tour and you may have more fun on your own...not to mention you will have a more authentic experiences if you are not part of a crowd. I don't think there are too many real secrets on these tours you pay for that those on this board don't already know about!

            Have you had much Latino food? If you would like to try authentic, homestyle Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican food look for the walking tour of East Harlem. Definitely not touristy

          2. skip daniel...its the most boring and staid of the 4 star places....go to Per Se preferably, Jean Georges, 11 Madison Park (or Le Bernadin if you want fish)...Or If you have the luck go to Momofuku Ko for your blow out meal, however either momofuku Ssam or noodle should be on your itinerary at some point...