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Sep 9, 2009 05:49 PM

Favorite Canned Tuna: brand and best place to buy it

I am looking for a good quality canned tuna that won't break the bank which will be good for a light tuna salad.

Which one do you reccomend? Where can I buy it?
Are there any good bargains around town.


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  1. I like the little cans of Ocean brand Snack 'n' Lunch that I find at Wal-Mart. I buy the smoked tuna, but the other flavours are nice too. They're pretty inexpensive, however I can't remember the price offhand. Gold Seal (Goldenseal?) also has a smoked tuna in olive oil, though I'm having trouble finding it since my local Price Chopper stopped carrying it. It may still be at Metro, but too expensive for what it is, imo.

    1. My favourite is always Clover Leaf. I just wait for the "white flaked tuna in water" to go on sale and then I load up. I normally find it on sale at Walmart and sometimes, even Shoppers Drug Mart!

      1. I find the PC tuna to be quite good if Clover Leaf is not on sale. I like the solid wight packed in water.

        1. The Canadian or U.S. brands are pale compared to Sicily or Spain. Some of the best are packed in glass jars and olive oil.

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            I agree that ventresca tuna is the best. I do enjoy it from time to time, but it is a little pricy for tuna salad. Lately I have been using the Spanish or Italien brands i find at Fiesta Farms. I just wanted to knwo if any of the chowhounders found anything exceptional that is inexpencive.

            I have seen canned tuna at my local Portugese fish store - anyone ever try it?

            1. re: carnivore1964

              Highland Farms frequently has the canned italian, packed in olive oil, $3 for 3 tins. I forget the brand, it's not Calippo or Rio Mare. I have some in my pantry, but haven't tried it yet. I usually buy the stuff (calippo brand) to toss into pasta with parsley, garlic and chilis. It's great.

              Otherwise, I enjoy the clover leaf that is flavoured either in peanut sauce or chilis or olive oil. They are smaller tins. No Frills occasionally has them for 99c a pop, and I load up.

              For tuna melts...I get the PC stuff.

          2. Love Rio Mare. It is a pink can and it is tuna in olive oil. The best I've tasted. Reminds me of the canned tuna I've had in Italy. I buy them at No Frills and Metro.

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            1. re: TOchowgal

              Hi ToCowgal,
              Could you please tell from where did you buy tuna rio mare?
              Give the address please.
              Thanks for your help.

                1. re: 1sweetpea

                  Unfortunately, they don’t have it.

                  1. re: YaGhala

                    I live in Windsor and all of the small Italian grocery stores around here carry it. You might want to call Grande Cheese and see if the closest one to you carries it and for how much. You might find it at Bruno's or Pusateri's, but you'll pay a premium for shopping there.

                      1. re: YaGhala

                        Try Highland Farms if you have one nearby. The one at Kennedy and Ellesmere has a couple of different brands of Italian olive oil-packed tuna that I'll eat out of the can with a fork anytime I need a quick protein fix. Reasonably priced, and hits that sweet spot between darned-good-tuna-salad and too-good-for-tuna-salad.

                        1. re: Wahooty

                          I will try their branch in Mississauga.


                          1. re: YaGhala

                            The Highland Farms in Mississauga has both Rio mare and Callipo. I found different rio mare products.
                            Thanks 1sweetpea.
                            Happy new 2010.

                2. re: YaGhala

                  Fiesta Farms sells Rio Mare brand.

                  1. re: EarlyDrive

                    Royal beef on the danforth also carries rio mare products