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Food Itinerary for New Orleans Trip in October

My husband and I will be traveling to New Orleans in October and would like to know your thoughts on our dining itinerary. We are having difficulty deciding on a fine dining restaurant for Friday night that has a great atmosphere an excellent creole/new Orleans cuisine. Living in NYC we have plenty of nice restaurants so when we're in New Orleans we're trying to make sure that all meals are regional specialties. I've read some of the threads already on this board so any new insights would be great! Thanks in advance!!

Thursday Lunch:Central Grocery

Thursday night: Cafe Ameile/Joey K's/Napoleon House (can't decide!)

Friday Lunch: Parkway Bakery for fried oyster, Parasol's for Roast Beef,
Crabby Jacks for both

Friday Night: Stella or August (can't decide!)

Saturday Lunch: Commander's Palace Jazz Brunch

Saturday Night: Acme Oyster Bar or Felix's

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  1. I can't go to New Orleans without having breakfast at Brennan's. I always start with one of their morning cocktails (usually for me it's the bull shot). IMHO nothing starts the day like a protracted three-course breakfast. Typically, I'll begin with the turtle soup, then it's either the Eggs Portuguese (pastry shells filled with chopped tomatoes, shallots and poached eggs and covered in Hollendaise) or the Eggs Nouvelle Orleans (poached eggs atop crabmeat all smothered in a brandy-cream sauce). But that's only two courses! Far from a complete breakfast. That's why Brennan's has breakfast desserts (very civilized!). I've never not ordered the Banana's Foster. Enjoy.

    1. I've been to NO twice (pre-K and Post-K) and I'll never leave NO without hitting Commander's for Lunch and Coops.

      Love Mr. B's Gumbo too...

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        Thanks! Does anyone have an opinion/advice on August versus Stella! for a nice dinner? Or any other suggestions for a great upscale meal with NO influences?

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          i have not been to stella, but i ADORED august when i went. one of the best meals i've had in a long time

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            Did you have the degustation menu at August?

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              i did, and everyone else i was with ordered ala carte. one friend didn't like her soup very much, but other than that everything was a full on hit. classy w/out stuffiness. inventive modern food but rooted in local ingredients and sensibilities.

              i did not do the wine pairings, as i wanted to share the same wine as my friends were drinking.

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                A big second on August: I agree totally w/Thew's characterization. Which is not to dis Stella at all; it's fabulous too. But save it for another time. August, imho, is New Orleans's best top tier restaurant.

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                  Do you all think that August is New Orleans' best NO food or just the best restaurant in New Orleans? Is it something we can't find in NYC?

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                    it's closer to what we have here in NYC at places like degustation and tailor and public, than traditional NO food. but just as those places reflect NYC character August reflects new Orleans' character. It uses the ingredients of NOLA, and the tastes of NOLA, just in that more modern style. As such it isn;t the best NO traditional food, but it isnt the same food you would get if the same restaurant was a NYC place.

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                      Agree w/Thew that it's not NOLA food per se, like, say, Galatoire's or Commander's, but is a New Orleans restaurant, with a menu full of contemporary--in a very good way--takes on local ingredients. And, no, I can't imagine comparing it to any NYC restaurants--although there are of course many of its genre in NYC. Think Aureole in terms of sophistication and innovation, but with a larder stocked with Gulf seafood, cochon de lait, Louisiana fruits and vegetables; a chef's palate seasoned by simple, uniquely Louisiana tastes; a menu where foie gras and crawfish coexist-- blissfully.

          2. you might want to add Galatoire's to your list for either lunch or dinner.

            1. I'd do Cafe Amelie for dinner: the restaurant and courtyard are beautiful, and I think the food is better than that at the other two you list. But do definitely go to Napoleon House for a drink.
              Friday lunch: imo, the Parkway Bakery has a great roast beef po-boy (some will call me a heretic, but I like it even better than Parasol's, though Parasol's is darned good) as well as great oyster and shrimp po-boys--so you can get it all there. I like some of Crabby Jack's specialty po-boys but am not crazy about their roast beef. Fried seafood po-boys are not bad, bu not the best in town.
              Friday dinner: August!

              1. I'd skip Joey K's. I've been there a few times and it's ok but you'd probably have more fun at Napoleon House.

                1. Acme Oyster may be better; we just returned from NOLA (had a great time, especially with Southern Decadence going on at the time!) and did a comparison between Felix's and Acme...ordered a dozen raw & shrimp po-boys at Felix's, then went across the street to Acme and ordered the same. The oysters at Felix's were pre-shucked and dried out (had that funky film on it from having sat), while the oysters at Acme were freshly shucked (even though we sat a table instead of the bar), briny and clean. Our son's girlfriend used to handle oysters (and could outshuck the "boys" at the seafood restaurant that she worked at in LA) and knows well-shucked/freshly shucked good oysters.

                  1. Hi All,

                    So we decided on August for Friday night and we're super excited! We leave on Thursday for NO and we were wondering if anyone had last minute advice/suggestions for us.

                    Thanks again for all your help! We really appreciate it!

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                      Thursday night looks weak, Amelie is pretty touristy, don't know any locals who have been. Not saying its bad, haven't tried it. Food at Napolean is awful. There is nothing really special about Joey K's. I think in that price range you could do Cochon or maybe Herbsaint, or Palace Cafe or Luke. You could definitely do Besh's new place, Domenica. For oysters you could also try some baked at Bourbon House. Parkway is actually best known for their roast beef although they do everything well. Nice place, as is Parasols. Enjoy your trip.

                      1. Only suggest that you have a wonderful time and make lots of memories!

                        We'll be right behind you, hoping to get there in time for lunch at Casamento's on Friday. For dinner Friday I believe we are meeting a friend at Domenica. Unsure about breakfast on Saturday, lunch will be Green Goddess, dinner at Dick and Jenny's (my favorite casual place to eat, must eat there at least once a trip!). Sunday breakfast will be at Surrey's, lunch will most likely be Acme, haven't planned out dinner yet. Then, sadly, we'll be up early Monday to head home and will most likely eat on the road.

                        1. It's been a long time before Katrina since I've been in New Orleans, but I've always loved K Pauls. Definitely regional LA food and excellent service. You might check that out for Friday night, but the folks that actually live in NO can probably give you an update on how it is post Katrina. Also I just LOVE the Napoleon House's muff. I know it's heated which is not Central Grocery traditional, but I prefer mine warmed. It's a neat place to be whatever you eat there.

                          1. Parasol's is so overrated. Why not try Parkway Bakery or Mr. Ed's Creole Grille in
                            Metairie (a hop skip and a jump from nola). There's also a place in Metairie called New City Grille on Metairie Road. New City Grille, Mr. Eds's Creole Grille and Luiazz's can be viewed online. Casamento's is a great choice. Wish I still drove so I could go there once in a while. Whatever you decide, have a wonderful time ! :-)