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Sep 9, 2009 04:51 PM

How to store brisket?

I made my brisket for the holidays, today, and I will freeze it until next week. I seem to recall that it is better to freeze the meat separately from the gravy (there was a reason for this which made sense, but I forget what it was!!!).
My question is... should I freeze the onions and carrots (which cooked with the brisket), with the meat or with the gravy?

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  1. Freeze the meat separately, so that you can remove more of the congeakled fat before reheating.
    Strain the gravy and freeze without any solids, when defosting, the fat will have risen to the top and can easilly be removed.
    Rinse the onions and carrots, pat dry and freeze separately in a ziploc bag. This allows you to get rid of congealed fat.
    I usually prefer to get rid of the carrots and onions after roasting the brisket. They have already given up their flavor to the meat and gravy.
    I roast a small pan of onions, carrots and potatoes, letting the onions caramelize when I am heating the brisket to serve. The freshly roasted vegetables are much tastier than the cooked out ones.

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      Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I like your suggestion of ditching the veggies that cooked with the brisket, and starting a new panful when ready to serve. Good idea!!
      Thanks, again

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        The vegetables roasted with the brisket are really only good for garnish. Why eat a vegetable that has already given up its all?

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          We like a "chunky" sauce with the brisket. I usually whirl them in the food processor and serve with the pan juices. You can still roast separate veggies, but I think the original ones add "fond" to the sauce

      2. Do you slice it before you freeze it?

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          No. Why have more surface to expose to freezer burn?
          I slice after defrosting and reheat the sliced brisket in the gravy.

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            Thanks- that makes sense. If I plan to serve the brisket on Sunday night, when would you recommend taking it out of the freezer?