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Mastro's or CUT?

Which do you recommend for great steaks and delicious sides? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Both are good, but each offers very different experiences.

    Mastro's is a traditional steakhouse.

    Cut is more a nouveau, haute-cuisine take on the traditional steakhouse.

    You're going to get a good dose of bovine protein from both places, it's just a matter of how you want that protein delivered to you.

    Sort of like road racing with a Tesla Roadster versus a Porsche 911. Both will get you from 0-60 in under 5 seconds, but do you want to do it in a traditional I-6 gasoline engine from Germany (Mastro's) or live on the edge with cutting edge technology from a VC-funded company and spare parts from a Lotus Elise (Cut)?

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      Very well said, ipse.

      For me it's all about the petit NY aged 35 days for 48 bucks at Cut. Can't be beat for sheer amazingness.

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          But do you like the old "EVOO" cooled ones or the "still water" cooled new ones? ;-D>

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            Water cooled ... and I'm a PDK convert.

      1. Cut has a better steak.

        Mastro's has a better "everything else." Better side dishes, better seafood, better atmosphere, etc.

        1. Mastro's. I found Cut to have a very poor price/quality ratio, which is not surprising as it is a hotel restaurant. I've had better steaks at Ruth's Chris for less than Cut.

          1. I like both the bone-in filet at Mastro's and the 35-day dry-aged petit cut New York at Cut. However, if I were going for steak in Beverly Hills, I would skip both and go to Wolfgang's. IMHO, that is what a steakhouse should be. Well, a steakhouse should be Peter Luger, but we don't have one of those here.

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              I agree. I want a steak meal out (after having ordered Lobel's), but love Peter Luger. I don't want to waste my time and money at the places mentioned if I'm only going to end up with a pale imitation...

            2. CUT has great kobe beef. I would recommend the American Wagyu, not as good as the A5 but pretty close and the price is fairly reasonable. The steak tartar and tuna tartar are excellent.

              Mastro's is good too, but I have seen an ever so slight decline in quality. I would choose CUT.

              1. For me, the decision is easy: Mastro's, by a landslide.

                CUT has underwhelmed me on 2 occasions. The kitchen f-k'ed up (pardon my French) my Kobe steak ($185!) by overcooking it. Second time, the steak just didn't taste right. Too much "smoke & mirrors", if you ask me.

                Actually, since these 2 experiences at CUT, I've reconsidered the whole way in which I approach wagyu beef. Nowadays, I actually think something that rich, that marbled, deserves to be either teppanyaki'ed or "hot stoned" in thin slices, for maximum enjoyment, rather than served as a big lump o' flesh, western-style.

                Mastro's has never gotten my order wrong. The bone-in ribeye and bone-in filet are delicious, and the sides are awesome. The seafood tower is a sight to behold.

                Honorable mention for houses of beef: Wolfgang's in Beverly Hills (best porterhouse in town) and Fogo de Chao, for a Brazilian take on beef (love their picanha & papaya+cassis dessert).

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                  Actually the traditional and best way to prepare kobe is over Takumi Binchotan because the type of charcoal produces the best heat.

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                    Yes, thank you for reminding me of the name of that great charcoal & the wonderfully cooked beef meal on my last trip to Wakayama prefecture!

                2. Thanks again for the replies. We may just have to hit up both places since the opinions are so mixed!

                  1. My opinion- Mastro's was great (tender, juicy, flavorful) but fairly standard for a top-notch steakhouse. However, I had a much different experience from the poster above at Cut. The Kobe steak was sublime. I can still remember the beautifully subtle taste and the feeling of it melting on my tongue. Probably the best steak I have ever had. I have, though, only had it once and maybe it was an "on" night. I also don't remember much else there being memorable.

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                      Forgot the name but the banana dessert and the pumpkin beignets with ginger ice cream. <3

                    2. I know this is an old thread but I wanted to agree with whoever recommended Wolfgang's over Cut or Mastro's. Between those two, I prefer the service and ambiance of Cut but I prefer the food at Mastro's. At Mastro's, I get a great steak and great sides but I always wind up in a cramped table in a corner that's so loud, my companions and I can't hear each other.

                      At Wolfgang's, I get the best of both. Great service in a great room and the steak is as good as you'll get anywhere. The German fried potatoes are my favorite side dish in any restaurant this side of Peter Luger's. In fact, they're identical to Peter Luger's.