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Sep 9, 2009 03:10 PM

Recs needed please for amazingly good gourmet goodies

Putting together some gifts for hard to impress, well travelled vip's. Looking for recs for amazingly delicious gourmet goodies such as:

flavoured olive oil for dipping

Please let me know if you've had some really yummy memorable goodies of that type even if it's not on my list. My search on chowhound showed mixed reviews on the Wildly Delicious products with some good recs on Summer Kitchen - your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

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  1. You might find most of what you're looking for at All The Best Fine Foods

    or mcewans, which doesn't seem to have a website, it's the Shops at Don Mills.

    You'd definitely be able to find all of the above at the St Lawrence Market but perhaps not all at the same place.

    1. I think All the Best is somewhat down on stock since the move. The selection isn't as large as in the past.

      I would suggest La Salumeria on Yonge north of Davisville, which has a very good selection of oils, vinegars, dips, etc at good prices. There is also a good selection of small batch local goods at Culinarium on Mt. Pleasant. If you want to make an extra effort, try Forbes products, which you can find at some of the organic markets in the city. Very interesting wild foraged goods which you won't find anywhere else.

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        Wildly Delicious seemed to be the brand that, back in the 90s, first popularized the flavoured vinegars and oils that are so prolific in Toronto now. However, there are so many better options now, including Forbes which makes unique preserves from foraged wild foods. I can't speak to other brands, but in addition to the suggestions above, you might want to check out Pusateri's, Whole Foods Market, and Cheese Boutique.


        These crisps are very popular and widely available:

      2. My first thought was to try looking at Pusateri's.

        Maybe this could be inspiring?

        1. You might want to give Pimenton on Mount Pleasant a try. They have a nice variety of Spanish goodies.

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            this is not a one stop shop but if you're willing to travel out to leslieville at the corner of queen and broadview is LPK culinary groove, some fantastic baked goods. why do i mentiion this? they have a these fabulous gourmet savory shortbreads made with chevre noire and chili. Horribly addictive.

            1. re: deabot

              Agreed, those are quite good, if brutally expensive at $12 a bag!

            2. Thanks so much for your responses! very inspiring, keep 'em coming.

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              1. re: capetowngirlie

                Another place: Winners/Homesense. Surprisingly, they have a variety of such things, but you will need to pick and choose more.

                For example, I recently purchased Sprucewood shortbread cookies there, in a variety of flavours.