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Sep 9, 2009 02:49 PM

Lunch/Dinner in the 'Hood (YYC)

Hello again,

I live in the 'hood (well, close--West Dover), and I'm looking for decent food nearby. I figure there must be good stuff on International Avenue, right? But then I've heard some bad stuff about the restaurants in the area, too (like service at the Ibex is supposed to be terrible, and I was horrified to learn that the East Gate has a long rap sheet with the Food Inspection Agency (or whatever they're called in Calgary)). But sometimes I just want something good, maybe a little out of the ordinary, and nearby.

There's a little bar within walking distance from my house called Oliver Green's (used to be Perry's Point of View), which has surprisingly good food. Unfortunately he got rid of his wonderful-sounding Mediterranean menu, but he still has a lot of good stuff. But what about the rest of West Dover? Dover? Forest Lawn? Forest Heights? Marlborough? I turn to you guys and gals because I figure if anyone will know, you will. Thanks!

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  1. Well my fav's are as follows:

    Clay Oven (behind Sunridge Mall)
    Southern Spice (in taradale)
    Atlas Pizza (on memorial and madigan drive)
    There is a cute mexican place on international (right next to the gas station) where i buy take out tamales but they have sit down too!
    The Meditarianian Bakery on the corner of 17 ave and 52 street has great pita's and baklava for take out snacks.

    Those are the places I visit when I am in the hood!

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    1. re: CookieGal

      What is the Clay Oven? Is that Indian? Behind Sunridge...where? I think I've seen it but I can't place it in my head.

      What is Southern Spice? That sounds kinda neat...

      I tried to go to Atlas Pizza but it was closed when I went! I'm determined to try it sometime!

      Do you know what the Mexican place (which gas station?) and Mediterranean Bakery is called?

      Thanks for your help!

      1. re: Lainey1978

        Clay Oven us indian yes, just of 32nd behind an RV dealership I believe in the same parking lot as cakeland.

        Sothern Spice is South Indian and they have AMAZING DOSA! mmmmm

        I think DubDee is right about the mex place!

        1. re: CookieGal

          Cakeworks maybe? Clay Oven: 349-3132 26 Street NE - just off 32nd Av, coming from Deerfoot you'd go East on 32nd, turn right onto 26th street which is just past the Husky (can't miss their big Canadian flag) then left into the strip mall parking lot.

            1. re: CookieGal

              Haven't been to Clay Oven myself but I have been a Cakeworks client til recently - not that there's anything wrong with their work just trying to DIY these days (it'd be nice to learn a few tricks of their trade for sure).

          1. re: CookieGal

            Yep, I think you're (both) right. El Bombazo. Not Bombasa. I was so sure the sign said Bombasa! LOL Perhaps I've lost the ability to read...*sigh*

            1. re: Lainey1978

              Thanks Lainey,
              Actually saw a review in the Sun today. Gonna check it out htis weekend.

      2. I work in the 'hood so I should be able to help a bit.
        -I really like La Casa Latina on 17th Ave SE. You must try the pork and cheese pupusas. Yum!
        -Tiffin Roti House is good for fast food indian. They have a buffet which is really tasty but sometimes not very spicy.
        - Short Pants Plaza (28th Street SE & 2nd (?) Avenue) has some great finds with Safari Grille for North African/Indian (they have a great lunch special w/1 meat curry, 1 veg curry, tandori chicken, naan & rice for under $10), Lloyds Jamaican Patties (mostly takeout though they have one small table), Village Pita for good chicken shwarma and stellar meat pies (be sure to add hot sauce and lemon juice!).
        - Pita Basket on Sunridge Way (I think...near Best Buy) has GREAT chicken shwarma. Very juicy and tasty!
        - Forbidden City in the same shopping center as T&T Market in Marlborough has really good dim sum every day for lunch. No carts, though, just order off the menu. The tea place in the T&T market has very good milk tea with bubbles too.

        Hmm....all I can think of for now. As you can see, I LOVE to eat out & have done some exploring in the area.

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        1. re: Merry113

          Canada Dosa Corner does the best South Indian (and Sri Lankan) I've had here. It's at 1715-52ndSt SE (just north of 17th Ave).

          Ate there a few days ago with several friends. One is from Chennai, another from Mangalore, two have lived in S India and the others have travelled there, so we all had probably unreasonable expectations.

          We were absolutely stuffed on dosa, vada and stringhoppers. Stuffed and kept eating anyhow. All freshly made and perfectly delicious (heat-lamped vada can't hold a candle to fresh-from-the-fryer vada). Total was like $65, which is probably too cheap (keep in mind there were six adults and a toddler. I'm actually afraid the proprieter will run herself out of business at this rate). The halwa that came after was nice - not too sweet - and there was always a full pot of tea on the table.

          Canada Dosa Corner gets instant placement on our frequent rotation (The Chennai-ite and Mangalorian have been there twice this week already).

          1. re: mandersen

            Yes, I've seen that place--it's where Lemon Tree used to be. I have now recovered from that loss (and the loss of Food In East) because someone on here recommended New Dynasty to me.

            I know nothing whatsoever about South Indian and Sri Lankan food, so I wasn't sure what to make of it. I'm going to have to look into it. What are stringhoppers?

        2. Tacos on Saturday at Las Tortillas. Watch them make fresh Tortillas while you enjoy excellent tacos.

          4100 Marlborough Dr NE

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          1. re: worldwidestuff

            OMG - Las Tortillas is amazing! I have never eaten tacos there but I buy .lbs of corn tortillas often! TOTALLY WORTH THE TRIP!

            1. re: CookieGal

              Oh my gosh, thank you guys all so much! This is great! Marlborough Drive, huh? Is that the place next to where Food In East used to be (*sniffles in memoriam*)? I'm blanking on where Marlborough Drive is, which is embarrassing because I used to live in Marlborough!

              Merry113, I wanted to try La Casa Latina on the weekend, but it was closed! I was very sad.

              Has anyone tried Barrio Fiesta, on the corner of Memorial and 68th(I think)?

              Cookiegal, can you give more detail on where to find the Mexican place by the gas station where you get tamales? Because if I can find it, I think that's dinner tonight.

              1. re: Lainey1978

                Off the top of my head, it sounds like CookieGal is talking about El Bombazo (2881 17 Avenue SE) but I could be wrong.

                For Vietnamese food in the 'hood I head to Pho Dau Bo (4909 17 Ave SE). I have never been disappointed.

                1. re: DeeDub

                  No, you're right! I found it today! I think it's El Bombasa, though, not that that makes a huge difference. Unfortunately they only have corn tamales on weekdays (chicken on weekends), and I wanted something more substantial for dinner so I ended up buying fish at the grocery store. But I definitely want to go there to eat sometime!

                  Thanks for the Vietnamese suggestion!

                2. re: Lainey1978

                  Las Tortillas is right by Food In East. Definitely yummy...can't believe I left it off my list!

                  1. re: Merry113

                    Food In East is no more *cries*. But I will have to check out Las Tortillas one of these days, too.

            2. Mimo (17th Ave SE) serves wonderful Portuguese food. It's a small family run place. I think Vine & Dine is doing a collaboration with them during Sept. It's usually a 6 course tasting menu paired with wine, for a fixed cost ($55). Checkout

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              1. re: TSAW

                17th and what? That Vine & Dine sounds neat, except for the "vine" part (I don't like wine). But Portugese food sounds intriguing.

              2. Sign up for a International Ave Food tour. It'll open your eyes.

                Pho Dau Bo (Vietnamese)
                Mimo's (Portuguese)
                La Casa Latina (Mexican)
                Gunthers Bakery (German influenced)
                A Tasty Menu (Gluten Free but still great dishes)
                Tong Ky BBQ (Chinese takeaway BBQ)

                Are some of my favs all on 17th Ave. Urbanspoon has a longer list of places to try out too:

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                1. re: slingshotz

                  Sadly I believe that "A Tasty Menu" has closed.

                  1. re: slingshotz

                    Oh, these are great lists! Thank you! I notice that a lof of the ones listed on Urban Spoon don't exist anymore, though. Sad, because some of them were really good, and others sounded great but I think they're gone now.

                    1. re: Lainey1978

                      I'm putting together a list of places in this area on yelp if you want to check it out. I think most of them have been mentioned but it has all the addresses.