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Sep 9, 2009 02:35 PM

Knoxville BBQ and Breakfast Recommendations

LA Hound will be in Knoxville this weekend for UCLA-UT game and needs recommendations for BBQ and breakfast places. Being a true CH, dives are acceptable, if not preferred, as long as the food is great.

Also, does Litton's really have the best burger in town??

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Litton's will cook a burger to the degree of doneness you request. And the meat they use is their own grind, and it high quality. (We don't have an In and Out burger equivalent, sorry) If anything is wrong with their burgers, it's that they are too large. (I think they're closed on Sundays, FWIW)
    There are "Cracker Barrell"s all over town and they are crowded for breakfast, which can be as light or as massive as you want. Sunspot on Cumberland Ave near UT may be doing breakfasts on to check.
    BBQ- well, our dives are in safer neighborhoods than some LA hoods. Q is mostly pork. Buddy's is the local reasonable go to. Calhouns are more upscale and the one on the River just below the stadium will be packed after the game.

    To try: do you know "Fried Green Tomatoes"? Puleo's (several places in town) have what I think are the best and they are an appetizer with Cheese Grits and two gravies.
    Best bar and mexican food : Soccer Taco, downtown and also on Bearden Hill on Kingston Pike a couple of miles west of the game.
    (Did you ask on one of the Vol forums?)

    1. Litton's has a great burger. Knoxville, being in East TN, is not a barbecue destination, so don't expect much.

      1. Breakfast - local institution is Long's Drug Store on Kingston Pike west of UT. Serving for over 50 years. Pancakes, etc. All the locals will be there. Closed on Sunday.
        Sunspot on Cumberland ( by the way Cumberland becomes Kingston Pike just west of UT) has trendy but delicious breakfast/brunch. Buddy's is quick and also west of UT on Kingston Pike and on Alcoa Highway as you drive in from the airport. It is in my opinion an excellent barbecue, no mustard (SC) no vinegar (NC), a sauce that is a tad sweet but the meat is smoked and excellent quality-beef, pork or chicken. Litton's makes their own buns and grinds their own meat and is packed on game day (closed on Sunday) Calhoun's is good for ribs. M&M Barbecue is interesting - small place way out west on Middlebrook. Take out only, no place to eat in so people stand around in the parking lot on Saturdays eating their lunch.