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Sep 9, 2009 02:34 PM

Meet the Parents

Introducing my parents to my boyfriend for the first time in October, thus looking for a place that is conducive for conversation, but not TOO quiet in case it gets a wee bit awkward. Preferred cuisine would be Italian (or pizza) or steak. Cost is of no concern. I'm thinking of Marea, but last time I was there it got a tad noisy. Does anyone have other suggestions please? Thanks a lot!

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  1. - for steak, i recall hearing that both Ben Benson's and Uncle Jack's are relatively quiet - you might want to search some
    past reviews.
    - for Italian, Campanile.
    - another option - Gotham Bar & Grill. the food is excellent, the atmosphere definitely works for a "meet the parents" occasion, and the noise level is ideal for your purposes.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      i have a few places to try in the next few weeks, it seems. Thanks a lot!

    2. For steak, Keens. Ask to be seated in a booth in the main dining room.

      I like Campanile, but I think it's too quiet.

      For Italian, I recommend Scarpetta. Delicious food, excellent service, attractive decor, and a Goldilocks noise level -- not too quiet, not too noisy, but just right.

      1. Although I don't have her extensive experience, I will second RGR's recommendation of Scarpetta. I found it easy to have a nice conversation with my friend, but there were enough pleasant distractions in the room to introduce new topics if the conversation gets old. You have nice sight lines of other tables as well. Hopefully you would not get the very good view of the very passionate displays from the May-December romance a few tables over that we had! I also really enjoyed my meal at Gotham Bar and Grill. I think it's a little more formal than Scarpetta (white table cloths), but not really stuffy or pretentious. Of course, the food is very different, but also excellent.

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        1. re: ChemWork

          Hey, ChemWork,

          I'm sure that's only because you aren't as old as I am! ;) lol In any case, your recommendations are every bit as welcome on this board as mine. :)

          Edited to add: After reading your Scarpetta review, I take it you don't live in NYC. Nonetheless, my comment stands.

          1. re: smokeandapancake

            Thanks RGR, chemWork and smokeandpancake - great suggestions. Think I will go check out Scarpetta and Gothm on my own, and decide between the two. Am also still keeping Marea on the table (I adore the pastas there), but obvously open as well. Thanks!

          2. What about Il Cantinori...good food and good atmoshphere