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Sep 9, 2009 02:03 PM

Thanksgiving Weekend a good time for a visit?

Hi - My husband and I are looking to plan a long weekend trip to NO later this fall/early winter. Thanksgiving just opened up for us (i.e. we're being abandoned by our families). Any thoughts on whether or not that would be a good weekend to visit? We want to eat as much as possible :) and I don't know if the holiday would limit us at all. Any particular Thanksgiving traditions we should experience?

Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Absolutely, it will be a great weekend to dine!

    I'm not aware of any definitive Thanksgiving traditions, but most upscale restaurants provide a Thanksgiving menu, check the websites

    The Reveillon dinners are not yet in full swing, those appear as Christmas gets closer. However you might find some Reveillon offerings beginning over the Thanksgiving weekend.

    1. always a good time to visit! be sure to reserve your ThNXGVN dinner early, as they do book quickly. there have been many posts about this, just search the archives for suggestions and posted experiences.
      nothing like a good cajun injected fried turkey, oyster dressing, and stuffed mirlitons.

      1. The Bayou Classic, a huge football game (& attendant festivities) between HBCUs Grambling State and Southern University, is played each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It brings thousands and thousands of visitors to town, so hotel space can be tight & traffic downtown is a real bear. Some FQ streets close to traffic completely. Here's a link to the Bayou Classic events schedule:
        If you like the energy of large-scale events, you might enjoy it (great people-watching & lots of fashion statements on display). On the other hand, if you're looking for a quiet weekend in NOLA, this isn't it.

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          This information is most helpful. We are definitely looking for a quieter weekend. We'll pick a different one. Thanks so much!