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Sep 9, 2009 01:51 PM

Best Heirloom Tomatoes - DFW area

Please help me find some wonderful tomatoes before the season is over! I have been quite disappointed in the quality at Whole Foods but have not been very creative in pursuing other options. I am in need of several for this weekend (a brunch I am doing). Somewhere in or around the Lakewood area would be preferable, but if you can point me to tomatoes that will make me swoon then I'm willing to go just about anywhere. TIA...

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  1. Central Market might have them.

    I would consider going to the Farmer's Market and see if you can find some GENUINE vine ripened East Texas tomatoes as a substitute.

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    1. re: Scagnetti

      Thank you, Scagnetti - that's a great idea. Oddly, I've only been to the Farmer's market once since we moved back from Chicago last year. I was quite disappointed with the lack of organics and overall, I was just overwhelmed by the sheer size of it! I got used to the little Green City Market - unfortunately nothing will compare I'm afraid! I will check out CM first and then try my lot downtown. Thanks again!

    2. Might call up Tom Spicer and see if he has any. Right now you are between the two Texas tomato seasons. Spicer might be able to land some from his sources though.

      Spiceman's 1410
      1410 N Fitzhugh Ave
      Dallas, TX 75206

      I also bought some this past weekend at the McKinney Farmers Market that were good enough for my gazpacho I made for the Slow Food event on Monday night.

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      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        Tom has been out of most everything lately due to his sales to restaurants. He's not there very often and the man that is there never knows what's going on. Also, I haven't received any of Tom's (usually regular) email notices lately.
        I guess the restaurants are getting all the good stuff.

        1. re: twinwillow

          We've had really, really, good Heirloom's from Whole Paycheck on Lomo Alto as of a couple of days ago. I don't know which one you go to. But, man are the spendy!

      2. Coincidentally, I'm sitting at my desk eating a sandwich from Schlotsky's that I attempted to improve with an heirloom tomato I purchased from Central Market (Lovers Lane) yesterday. Eh - not particulary good. The ones I purchased last week from WF (Preston Forest) were better. The best ones were the ones I bought Saturday before last from Mr. Lemley at the Dallas Farmers Market. I asked him then if he would be having them a bit longer and he said yes so you might still find some down there early Saturday. I will probably make the trip down just to get some for my own use, I would certainly make the effort if I was serving them in a dish for guests.....