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Sep 9, 2009 01:23 PM

Sour Ale

My husband loves Flemish style sours. Does anyone have any fairly easy to find rec's (I'm in MA)?

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Thanks to the recent "discovery" of bretts and beer, there are now a ton of good sour beers on the market that are fairly easy to find. Here are a few recs (all I think should be available in MA):

    1. Rodenbach Grand Cru
    2. Allagash Interlude
    3. Ommegang Rouge
    4. Portsmouth Flanders Red
    5. Duchesse De Bourgogne
    6. Rodenbacj Classic

    Again, I think these are available in Mass. I know the Belgian beers definitely should be available at a local BevMo or Whole Foods, but I'm less certain regarding the American wild ales. Hope this helps!

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    1. re: shellshock24

      We don't have BevMo here, but I'll ask my friendly, neighborhood booze man and see what he can come up with.

    2. Monk's Cafe Sour Ale also seems readily available (here in CA), and might be in MA as well.

      1. They used to make a FANTASTIC sour ale here...
        but I don't see it being brewed at this time.
        It's worth checking out anyway.
        A GREAT brewpub!