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Sep 9, 2009 01:15 PM

Chinese barbecue meats in Atlanta? or good Cantonese food

My child is new at Emory and wondered if there is any place that serves Chinese Barbecue meats (roast pork, spareribs, soy sauce chicken, etc) in Atlanta or environs. Any good Cantonese restaurants- steamed fish, Chinese water spinach, snow pea sprouts, etc. It would be helpful if addresses (and how far from Emory) and good dishes to order can be provided. Thanks !

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    1. Buford Hwy. has a slew of places. I'm sorry I don't remember names, but I get there at least once on every Atlanta trip; I've tried several places, and none has disappointed although I'm sure there are those that will. If I can come up w/the name of one place we especially liked for the barbecue, I'll get back to you. (It was down Buford, not far off the Perimeter, in a place where a few strip malls come together and where there are a number of ethic and other Chinese eateries. This was smallish, with all the meats hanging, a very dull, plain place.)

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        Actually, names may be irrelevant. If you go to any of the Chinese supermarket anchored shopping centers, such as Hoa Binh Market or 99 Ranch, you'll find a Chinese BBQ place or two, either inside or near the market.

      2. Browse the "search by cuisine/tags" on this web site: