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Sep 9, 2009 12:55 PM

Monday Night Happy Hour Downtown Santa Monica

Hi gang,

Any suggestions for a spot for happy hour this upcoming Monday? We're looking for a place that's walking distance from the Santa Monica Pier. There will be a group of around 10-15 of us for a friend's birthday, so it needs to be a place that can handle a small crowd. We'd like to be able to order food (fine with small plates and have some vegetarians in the group). Drinks should be $8 and under.

Here's a list of local happy hours if anyone needs a refresher on Santa Monica happy hour

Our backup option is Big Deans, but that's the usual watering hole, so we were hoping for something a little more special.

Has anyone had success with Copa del Oro? I went there for my boyfriend's birthday and we had a great experience - then a friend and I went back for happy hour and neither one of us enjoyed our cocktails. Did we have an off night or are the happy hour cocktails no good there?

I look forward to everyone's responses!


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  1. Copa de Oro is the best for cocktails! Monday happy hour is all day. They frequent the farmers markets to buy the best vegetables and fruits for the cocktails. They also taste all their drinks before they send them out. At $5/cocktail you are getting a real bargain I'd say. Always flavorful w/o hiding the taste of the spirit.

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      Good to hear! My friend and were there for the Monday happy hour and didn't like it, but they must have just had an off night. I was really pleased with my cocktails on the previous outing (not happy hour).

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        those guys are probably the two best in the city IMHO ...vincenzo is just crazy some of the drinks may be out there like the sauerkraut drink which is pretty nasty...i actually like joel better....both can make great drinks but joel is not just cool to girls
        In terms of their cocktails, it all depends on what you like.
        I don't think they mess up there and if they do they adjust it so that it's right. It's probably more likely that you didn't like the drinks you ordered for happy hour.
        You might be better off picking a veg or fruit and spirit that you like and telling them which sort of drinks you like, sweet, refreshing, mediciny, sour, etc...the happy hour drinks are pretty much all classics which I vastly prefer to things they offer at almost every other bar in la. Make your way down the list and see which ones you like.