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Sep 9, 2009 12:47 PM

Late night spots in NoLita/Little Italy

With the new Indian place going in on Broome and Mott (open till 11pm) it got me hoping that maybe I was missing another late-night eating spot in the area. Mott Corner and La Esquina are the only ones I have been too, and Mott Corner basically serves microwaved ramen, so that is out. Live in the area so any help (especially late night Chinese) would be very helpful. Thanks

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  1. Not sure how late the kitchen is open at Peasant, but it's worth investigating...that Barcibo (sp?) cafe/bar on Elizabeth serves a nice salad w/ sausage and a side of are a less than ten minute from NY Noodletown which is open til around 3am...the fish and chips at Eight Mile Creek are good...

    that area is so central that you can get a lot of areas (Chinatown, Tribeca, Soho, Noho) so there are surely another 30+ places that serve food after 11pm even on weekdays...i'd search surrounding areas...

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    1. re: Simon

      Thanks for the tip. I've been to Peasant a fare bit, but I wouldn't call it a late-night spot. I'm looking for more of a friday night, 3ish place. NY Noodletown is a favorite, but was hoping for something more local. Thanks

      1. re: Calfan

        3am is tough outside of Chinatown...ten years ago, there were a lot more wee-hours food options than there are now...but, you might consider Macau Trading Co, on Church St...the food is just ok, but the Chinese meatballs and the artichoke salad are decent bar food...i think they are open til 3am...

    2. Do you recall the name of the Indian place that is opening? This is the first I've heard of it.

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      1. aren't there a plethora of things in the area you can find by walking around at night?

        Mercat on Bond Street (website says still 12AM.. not sure if that is last seating or what)
        How late is Barmache/Bread open?
        Freemans Ally (only a few blocks away) open till 11:30PM..
        DBGB .. new spot as well.. think they seat till 11:30PM.. a "hot spot".. I think burger overrated..
        Gemma in Bowery Hotel.. I think is pretty bad.. but supposedly open till 12AM
        Is Bond Street sushi still open? was a late night spot
        Cafe Habana on Prince Street (12AM?)
        Isn't Delicatassen 24 hours?

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        1. re: shanshan

          <Isn't Delicatassen 24 hours?>

          No. And there's no restaurant called "Freemans Ally." There's one called Freeman's and it's located in Freeman Alley, which is on the Lower East Side, not Little Italy or Nolita.

          One way to answer this question is to go to Open Table and search for late night reservations in particular neighborhoods. That won't help with the NY Noodletown type stuff, but it's a start.

          You can also search Menupages by neighborhood and feature (open 24 hours, open late).

          1. re: small h

            Correct.. Delicatassen Hours Mon-Sat, 7:30am-1am; Sun, 7:30am-midnight

            Freemans is 3 blocks away from Cafe Habana

        2. in soho you have lucky strike, in chelsea you have cafeteria. both easy to get to from nolita