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Sep 9, 2009 12:33 PM

Metro Silver Diner - Annapolis

Was in Parole the other day about lunchtime and thought I would try the Metro Silver Diner in the new Parole Town Center.

Fast Casual concept where you order from a kiosk computer or from the cashier, get a number and your food is delivered. There was a long line at the cashier but the two terminals were empty, so of course being the computer savvy person that I am, used the terminal. Fast, efficient, good to go.

I ordered the Angus sliders with the house-made potato chips. All in all it was OK. The meat was, of course, pretty well done. The sliders were a bit dry, and for 7.99, I thought the patty size could have been slightly improved. Chips were great.

All in all an acceptable experience, but I wouldn't go out of my way. If you're not dieting, the shakes/malts, looked very good.


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  1. I have been there twice and it's ok.. What is nice is that they have healthier options than most diners. Their half sandwich half salad entrees are a nice change and aren't fat laden like most diner foods. The sliders were just fair. I think they may find that many customers find all the techno gizmo stuff confusing. We stood forever because the groups in front of us had no idea what they were doing at the kiosks and would not ask for help. It was frustrating to watch them endlessly and aimlessly operate the touch screen with disasterous results.

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      Took our 3 yr old granddaughter once. Pleasant experience; kid-friendly and healthy food, even for kids....found parking a tad difficult since this is in the new Towne Center (Parole to us old-timers)