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Sep 9, 2009 12:23 PM

Group dinner - Nassau-Suffolk border

We are planning a special birthday for a co-worker. He loves good chow but budget must remain part of the equation. What's a good place for 15 or so people? We want something nice. A sit down dinner. Not a pub or a chain. The office is in Melville so we can head in any direction. No cuisine considered off limits. Thanks!

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  1. There are a few places on Jericho Turnpike not far from Route 110 that would be good, Piccolo Bussola, La Parma, and I think there might even be a Matteo's there, which is more expensive though. If you really want budget-conscious, besides Friday's and Applebee's, there is also a Bertucci's on Route 110. Not too far away there is also The Orient, which is Chinese in Bethpage, I think. I am sure someone will correct me on that. There are also 2 places on South Oyster Bay Rd that might work, Ayhan's Shish Kabob and Brasserie Cassis. Both are in the shopping center that is south of the LIE, on the east side of the street, north of Woodbury Rd. There are so many places, maybe a price range and some kind of idea about food preferences would make this easier.

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      West East Bistro in Hicksville. Great prix-fixe options during the week. Super food and gracious service.