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Sep 9, 2009 12:05 PM

Dessert and coffee - Veniero's? Roccos?? Or - ?

I’m looking for a dessert and coffee place for a Monday night after dinner. One of the party doesn’t much go for “American" bakery options (cupcakes etc, finding them "too sweet and too stodgy") – and so we are looking more for the Italian, French , Central European style (less sweet, and more on the cream, chocolate, butter side of things) . We would have tried Cafe Sabarsky (although not sure if you can have have just dessert there - would it have to be Cafe Fleidermaus? And in any case it’s not open late enough on a Monday).
We’d be coming from Greenwich Village or West Village – but can take subway/ walk places.
Veniero's? Rocco's? Any advice appreciated! Thank you.

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  1. I really like Ferarra's in Little Italy. It has a lot of seating on the ground floor and upstairs. Although, if you're tallking about this coming Monday then you'll be right smack in the middle of the San Gennaro feast.

    Veniero's is good too but I don't know if they have seating. I've only taken my goods out.

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      They have seating, it's parallel to the counter area but you have to walk down past the counter to be seated. Table service, and the service is a little scatterbrained, in my experience.

    2. I would pass on Veniero's and definitely on Rocco's. If you want Italian, I'd say Bruno's on LaGuardia is better. For Central European, you might enjoy sitting in Demel's Café at the Plaza Hotel. The desserts are as opulent as the setting.

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        We like Brunos - but alas closed on Mondays! Thank you - Demels great idea but closes at 7 pm - too early

      2. Disclaimer - my gluten-free lifestyle precludes me from firsthand experience with these places, but they've been recommended by fellow CHers in other threads:
        - Financier
        - Caffe Reggio

        edited to remove a place that has closed.

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        1. La Lanterna is a nice spot in the west village by west 4th for coffee and dessert. They don't make their own pastries but you didn't specify in your post if it has to be(unless i missed it).

          1. Ditto on skipping Veniero's - I think their desserts may be too sweet.

            You could try Taralucci e Vino near union square.