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Sep 9, 2009 11:39 AM

Piazza Presto in Limerick?

Has anyone been?
Is it even open yet?
BYOB I think?

Hoping for some good news :)

(This is in the new strip mall/shopping behind the new WaWa at the corner of Ridge/Lewis)

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  1. Found out some answers to my own questions:
    Looks as though this is a 2nd store (franchise?) of Valley Forge Ristorante and Pizzeria - never been there either though, so still looking for some info!


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    1. re: becky315

      I haven't been, but a friend of mine who's food opinion I trust claims that, by far, their pizza is the best within a 15 mile radius.

      While I countered that IMO that isn't saying much as I think the pizza selection in the Collegeville, Royersford, Limerick and surrounding area is mediocre at best, my friend agreed and said despite that, the pizza there is outstanding by any standards.

      1. re: becky315

        Hi, we had take out from there on Labor Day. I thought it was OK. We ordered the pitta pizza, which I thought was good (so they might have good pizza), chicken parm and chicken marsala. Marsala tasted like marsala (it was on the sweeter side) and I felt the chicken parm was OK. Again the sauce tasted sweet. You get LOTS of pasta, 2 big eaters could share the pasta with no worries.
        We would go back to try the pizza, but we have a favorite pizza place in pottstown (route 663 That's Italian Trattoria) and I don't know that Piazza Presto will compare.

      2. We went for a weekend lunch and found it also to be mediocre at best; the pizza felt like it was one of those bought from a school fundraising event -- it was far too even, and the cheese was unnatural. The service was fine, but there is really no reason to return for us.

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        1. re: sageblue

          Perhaps my foodie friend's opinion is off this time.

          If that is true, then I'll stand by my opinion that there's no good pizza to be had in the area. Fortunately in Blue Bell I hava a couple of good options between Arpeggio and Whitpain Tavern.

          1. re: mitchh

            I can walk to Piazza Presto it's so close to my house - and have eaten in & had takeout several times since they opened. AmyRF25 is right, the pasta dishes I've tried have all been good. Pizza is *ehh*. Our fave. pizza in the area is Palermo's - in the Genuardi's shopping center. Penny's is of course, amazing - but not what I classify as "regular/NY style pizza". Very different tastes - but both very, very good. Palermo's is actually best slightly off hours - when they let it cook for just a tiny bit longer - and you get a better charred/crispier bottom. Hard to do when it's nuts in there on a Friday night. And now I'm calling Penny's to hopefully get some tonight! LOL.

            Palermo's Pizza
            70 Buckwalter Rd Ste 504, Royersford, PA 19468