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Is Coppa in the SE open yet

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  1. Per Grubstreet: "Coppa will open for dinner on September 15 at 253 Shawmut Ave. in the South End."

    1. I'm skeptical of that projected date. The space looks like it has a ton of work left to do before it even gets close. It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised by contractors, but how often does that happen? My money would be on no sooner than Oct 1.


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      1. I was told a month behind schedule two nights ago due to structural issues in building that were unanticipated. Sounds expensive and could be awhile.

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          I saw Kenny O talking about this on tv somewhere recently. They found big structural problems that look like massive steel girders are involved. Let's start a pool. I've got Oct 15.

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            I'm going with October 22. May the best foodie win!

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              Oct. 27th has potential from what I hear. Here's to some good meats and cheeses!

              1. A lot of heavy-duty carpentry and exterior masonry work going on recently.


                1. Jamie Bissonnette tweets this morning that the opening of Coppa is now two weeks away. Walking by, it looks to me like most of the heavy-duty structural repairs are done: the dining room has a ceiling again.


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                      The last Tweet I saw on the subject (from the chef) suggested that it will open as early as this coming Sunday, but I don't really know. "Sometime next week" might be a safer guess.


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                        looks like the week of the 16th,,word.

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                            I live right around the corner...I asked the guys last week and they said "Nov 1 for sure. We will be working round the clock to make sure it is done by then." Fast forward to Nov 7 and they're still working.....

                  1. The word on the street is "Saturday or Sunday, probably Monday" so I swung by today (Saturday) with my fingers crossed. No deal and I'd be surprised if they are open tomorrow. They are still doing work on the space, which remains empty--no chairs, decorations, etc.

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                      I received a 'daily candy' email that said they'd be opening this weekend --i think sunday or monday....walked by there and it still looked like they had work to do...so was surprised by that email, but can't imagine it'd be sent out if they weren't gonna be ready to go. Guess we'll see....?

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                          I can confirm that they appear to have a very full Sunday and Monday of work if they intend to do a soft opening on Monday night.


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                            Well, tables & chairs have arrived...

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                              Yep, and they've got the drink list on the chalkboard.....so...thinkin' they'll be ready to go for sure by the weekend.

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                                As of last night (Friday) they still weren't open. They look like they are just about ready to go though. Maybe tonight?

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                                  According to Grub Street Boston, Coppa is waiting for a fire inspection. If that's accurate, and unless 1010 Mass Ave is open on weekends, you're probably looking at no sooner than Monday evening.


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                                    Just walked by there and it looked in more disarray than just a day or two ago. Lots of folks painting and hammering and doing all sorts of stuff. Without knowing they needed a fire inspection, I was about to comment on my last post and say it'll still be a few more days.

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                                      Same here, just a few hours ago.

                                      I spoke to the contractor running the construction and he said they planned to be done and out by the end of tomorrow (Sunday), but that the fire inspection was still pending and had an unknown ETA. If they can cleanup and get the place ready to go in a day, they'll be ready to open on Monday at the earliest, assuming they can get the inspection .

                                      Even then, they've obviously not done any full-restaurant run-through or friends & family meals, so the first couple days are going to be a learning experience.

                                      Still, I am looking forward to it. Definitely by next weekend.

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                                        Yeah, well just keep in mind I spoke to a contractor as well (about a month ago) who told me they'd be up and running by Nov 1. Not so much. ;)

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                                          Yes, we've all learned to take this restaurant's opening predictions with a grain of salt. Just look at the first posts on this thread: September 15!

                                          In this case, however, the response was more of a laughing "gosh, we are shipping out by tomorrow, so they better open soon!"

                                          Thus, I'm reasonably confident the construction will be done by end of today or tomorrow, but who knows when they'll actually open.

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                                            Back by again today, Courtney was out front prepping the interior and Jamie was in back prepping food. The inside is all setup and looks quite nice. Attractive wood bar with Italian Amari and a prosciutto slicer. I'd estimate they are good to open as soon as they get that BFD inspection, but we'll see.

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                                              Update. Dec 1, 6pm. First time I walk by: lights on;Ken Oringer and baby hanging out at bar; a few folks sitting at a table by the window, looks like they are enjoying drinks, a few small plates. There's a guy behind the bar, and a few other folks milling around. There's also a guy with a camera set up outside the window taking pics. Next time I walk by, just 15 minutes later -Lights still on, but Oringer gone and so are the folks eating. All the chairs are up on tables, the place no longer looks open.....there's a lone guy wiping down the windows....

                                              Make of that what you will, I'd guess they'll be up and running for good within a day or two.

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                                                I went by last night hoping they were finally open for dinner. it was about 8:30. chairs were stacked on the tables and lights were off. Again, make of that what you will....

                                                1. re: IHeartAsparagus

                                                  I *think* I saw fire inspectors in there this morning. Sure looked like 'em anyway....

                                                  1. re: twentyoystahs

                                                    I am looking forward to today's update- Dec. 5th...?

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                                                      still not open....though again, last night, big table by the window filled with about 6 ppl eating and drinking at around 6pm..staff maybe? not sure, but they were in the only ones in there and after about an hour all the chairs were back up on the tables and the place was totally closed up again....

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                                                          For all those who have been following this long-standing, 3 month thread, word on the street is Coppa is finally open for business tonight!(Wed, Dec 9.)

                      1. Was planning on going to SE Formaggio tomorrow - will have to scope out Coppa.

                        1. Wow, both food and drink menus online look great. Very curious to hear the reports...

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                          1. Food exceeded my expectations: fall-off-the-bone slow-cooked glazed ribs with just a hint of bark, the best by far that I've had around here. spaghetti carbonara with firm toothsome noodles (not gluey like some places) swimming in sea urchin/farm egg with crunchy nuggets of pancetta, rustic and robust. Corey (formerly Drink) served up a tasty fig swizzle, great winter drink. No dishes over $15, portions generous. looking forward to trying the oxtail/bone marrow pizza. only complaint: chairs/stools could be more comfortable.

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                              Hard chairs are probably a conscious choice: with their very limited seating (40 seats indoors, another 24 on the patio in better weather), they don't want you to make a three-hour linger of it.


                              1. re: MC Slim JB

                                I can't wait to check it out. Jamie is an amazing chef!

                            2. oxtail/bone marrow pizza was tasty although lighter on the bone marrow/ horseradish/ mozz than expected, more of an oxtail ragu, roughly 8" x 11". foie gras bruschetta w/ kumquat was a good starter. fig swizzle had less fig/ more lime in it this time than before. stopped in afterwards at Formaggio across the street.

                              1. Went last night and dug it, real nice place with a sexy atmosphere. Had the burrata with bresaola, tuna crudo with cippolini vinagrette, sweetbread saltimboca, fish under a brick, and the braised oxtail and bone marro pizza. All were really enjoy, though the saltimboca was really salty. The fish - fresh local cod seared with a caper topping - was the surprisingly lovely highlight. The pizza, though as unique and tasty as it sounds, could've used a little more tomato and some mozz. I really did enjoy everything, though. Ken was on the scene serving food and the entire staff, which includes a bunch of folks formerly seen at Toro, were lovely.

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                                  We went Friday evening and also gave our first look a thumbs up. It was mobbed and I'll really love it when we can slip in at a quieter time.

                                  We love the burrata and fish under a brick was also a highlight for us. We adored the Brussels sprouts and will make certain to always try some of the vegetable dishes. I love it when a chef pays attention to vegetables and makes you sit up and enjoy them.

                                  It was dark for food photos but I did get a couple of shots while I was there.



                                  1. re: BostonZest

                                    :) Nice one Penny. I got in at around 7:15, just before a big rush of people, and two opportune bar seats opened up for us. Was choice timing.

                                    1. re: jrcams

                                      We had the fish as well, and it might be in the running for the best fish we have had this year. looking forward to returning soon

                                      1. re: kewpie

                                        I found the fish-under-brick ok but the highlights for me were the perfectly executed cavatelli w/ chicken sausage and the ultra rich melt-in-your-mouth calves brain ravioli in brown butter, two of the best pastas i've had in recent memory

                                2. The highlights were definitely the pasta dishes:
                                  calves brain ravioli - salty and creamy.
                                  goat ragu - a better version of the cinnamony Cincinnati chili.
                                  carbonara - while the pasta was severely undercooked, the uni and egg made this dish deliciously rich.

                                  Salt cod crostini was delicious, as was the zucchini pesto - really quite unexpected in its refreshment.

                                  The only mediocre dish were the meatballs. They were perfectly ordinary, possibly even underseasoned.

                                  Service was sweet, if distracted, and everyone was clearly trying very hard.

                                  Can't wait to go back and try a couple more dishes, especially the pastas.

                                  1. We were able to grab two seats at the bar last tuesday and I have to say-it was one of the best meals Ive had this year. We had several dishes- their Cavatelli with chicken sausage, Arancini, the Meatballs, Goat Ragu, Proscuitto De Parma, a sampler plate of cured meats (most of which cured in house!), and their chicken Milanese. Everything was fantastic. The Cavatelli-as mentioned was delicious, the Goat Ragu tender and beautifully seasoned. The Arancini were well executed though possibly somewhat ordinary. The staff was very helpful, and very welcoming. We felt more like friends than customers. Im counting down til I can go back again...

                                    1. If you can, get there a little before they open. Went at 5:40 and the place was packed. Also, dress warm because if you sit next to the door, you will be cold. The food is off the hook outstanding and while I don't like to be cold, it was worth it to eat with my coat on. The ribs are a must have and the cauliflower pizza. There is something for everyone.

                                      1. Went last night for a late dinner. The food was incredible and exceeded my expectations. The amazing meal my partner and I had last night has motivated my first post on the chowhound boards though I've been regularly lurking here for years.

                                        pulpo al forno - suprisingly well-balanced, my partner described it as "perfect"
                                        calve's brain ravioli - smooth, rich, deep flavor
                                        pig's ear terrine - surprising in so many ways, beautiful on the plate, delicate flavor drawn out by a dab of yuzu aioli

                                        everything else we had was good to excellent. will be back again ... soon

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                                          Nice place for your first Chowhound post: I hope you keep posting! Every time I go to Coppa, I see some chef or other big-name industry type dining there. I've eaten my way through the menu, have yet to encounter a weak dish. I love that pig-ear terrine: first place I tried it was at Toro. So pretty and so delicious!


                                        2. We finally made it over last night. My DC and I shared four "bar snacks" and two of the salumi. We got there at 5:30 because we were going to an event at 7:00 and had no trouble sitting down, but I was surprised how quickly it filled up on an early Monday night.

                                          Anyway, we both had the Riccardo cocktail - Crema de Mezcal, Cherry Heering, oj, and chile flakes. I really liked the play of spicy and sweet, with a touch of smokiness. I also had a Mela Verde, which I can't remember the ingredients of fully, but involved Green Chartreuse and St. Germain. I liked this, but preferred the Riccardo. I was really impressed with their cockail creativity considering the lack of a full liquor license.

                                          For bar snacks, we shared the Pig's Ear Terrine with Yuzu Aioli. This was simply beautiful. I'm not sure what the crunchy, spicy garnish was, but it absolutely made the dish. Without that, it would have been too sweet with the Yuzu sauce. Next, we had the Chicken Liver Crostini. I love chicken liver and this was one of the best balanced renditions I've had in a long time. We also had the Fresh Ricotta Crostini, which my DC pretty much commandeered because he couldn't get enough of it. The Final bar snack was the wood-roasted meatballs with lardo and tomato. These were good, but not a stand out. The lardo got a little lost and I didn't detect any of the smokiness or other characteristics implied by 'wood-roasted'. In the end, they were simply some good meatballs.

                                          Salumi - we had the house Coppa and Duck Prosciutto. Both were delicious and it worked out well for us because my DC was partial to the Coppa, while I favored the Duck Prosciutto. As we were finishing our final drinks, I asked the woman working the Salumi station what a particular meat was. She identified it as house breseaola and asked if we would like to try some (of course!). This was the hit of our salumi tasting by far. It was well-cured and had a wonderful beef flavor.

                                          Service - I was a little concerned when we started. We sat at the bar and the bartender seemed a little unfocused, forgetting our order before she'd even turned around to enter it in. However, I had no reason to worry - perhaps she just wasn't in the groove yet as we were the first customers. She was competent and friendly. My DC knocked over his drink when it was half done. We had already payed, but she replaced it of her own volition, really very nice. The woman working the salumi station asked us more than once if were enjoying our food and seemed really interested in what she was doing - and, as I said, offered us a taste of that wonderful breseaola.

                                          Overall, a very good experience and I can't wait to try their mains. A definitely welcome addition.

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                                            This was from an email I sent to a friend about my experience at Coppa last weekend. Sorry for the incomplete sentences but hopefully you'll get the idea of our experience. BTW John Henry was there with his beautiful wife.
                                            "The verdict: pretty good. We got there at 5:45 (saturday) and snagged the last stools at the window counter near the door. Not the best seats but we didn't want to wait 2 hours for a table. It took them about 15-20 minutes before they let us know they were out of Chartreuse and couldn't make the drink that I had wanted. We waited another 10 minutes before they brought the new drink. They had only one bartender, who was obviously not able to handle the 5:30 rush that filled the restuarant in 10 minutes. We mentioned that it took too long and they comped the drinks which was the right thing to do and made us forget the wait. For drinks I had the Mela Verde and Piscodora, both excellent. Amy had the Belladonna and the Italian in VT, again, both excellent. We had two glasses of Barbera d'Asti, very nice. For food we started with the meatballs which were the best either of us had ever had, great flavor, nice and tender. We also had the Arancini, good texture but not much flavor. Duck Pastrami, very good (never had it before so can't be objective) maybe a little fatty. Pesce al Matone (Cod) excellent, really beautifully cooked fish with great flavor accompaniments (meyer lemon, pistachio) but maybe needed a little more of them. Bucatini, fair, I don't have bucatini that often but it seemed a little too aldente, but maybe that is the way it supposed to be. We finished off with two different Vin Santo, both were smooth with a beautiful flavor, and a Hazlenut gelato, again, excellent. The total with tip was $137. The attentiveness of the servers was very good, always filling water glasses, cleaning plates (sometimes before we were done). We were interested in trying some of the salami but we didn't know anything about the different types they had, so was asked our server (her 2nd day), who apparently knew as much as we did. It was a little surprising that Ken would put new servers out without knowledge of the food. I definitely would recommend this place to others but it didn't wow me enough to become regular."

                                            253 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118