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Sep 9, 2009 11:03 AM

Marseille- Best Bouillabaisse???

Going to be in Marseille for one lunch and one dinner, (with a car). Where do the locals eat? And were is the best local bouillabaisse? THANKS

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  1. I am from Marseille... :) The Rhul or Chez Fonfon.. expensive but that's the real deal.. Avoid anything around Le Vieux Port. Each time I go home, I make a point to go to the Rhul though...L'Epuisette is also very good.
    If you have a car and you want authentic provencal cooking , go to La Ferme, in Aubagne. You WILL be amazed...No boullabaisse though.

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      Thanks for your reply. We are driving up from Barcelona. Is Aubagne on the way?