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Sep 9, 2009 10:16 AM

Tu y Yo in Needham?

Has anyone tried this location yet? Curious if the menu/prices are the same as Somerville spot...they haven't updated their site yet to include Needham.

Along those same lines, has anyone tried Restaurant Pomodoro yet? How are the menu/prices?

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  1. Also-

    I work not too far away. Is this sit down and be served or can I run in quickly and grab something? (not that they wouldn't do a take out order if I asked.)


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    1. re: SeaSide Tomato

      I ate here maybe 2 weeks after it opened. The food was good, but the service wasn't. It seemed to be a team effort and was ruined by one server (who may have been a manager) that kept trying to upsell us on things (tequila in the margerita, guacamole, etc). At the time, the service was very, very slow, but that could just be the growing pains. I suppose I'll give it another shot eventually but am in no hurry to do so. I haven't been to the one in Somerville so unfortunately I can't compare. The prices seemed a little high but the beans that came with the dishes may have made up for it.

      As for Pomodoro, I haven't been yet but am suspect of ownership unoriginal enough to pick a fight by using one of the more generic Italian restaurant names out there that happens to already be used by two other places locally. I give this place a year.

      1. re: JoeM

        Do they have grasshopper tacos here as in the other location?

        1. re: joebloe

          Just went there Saturday night (I have never been to the Somerville location, but always meant to go) and the did have the grasshopper tacos, which I wussed out of eating. I thought it was quite good, and thankfully the place was packed (though not thankfully, with a number of really rowdy toddlers and the typical overindulgent parents). My son and I had the chicharron and guacamole appetizer, which was excellent, and I had the huitlacoche quesadillas.

    2. Tried it for lunch last week with friends. Ordered flautas, they ordered burritos. The flautas were just dry shells with plain chicken inside... no sauce or seasoning, nor anything to moisten the meat. Served under a bed of shredded lettuce, and a garnish of sour cream, but not enough to use as a dip. The burritos were under-spiced and uninspired, even for what they are. For the same price, Qdoba in Wellesley gives you much more in the way of flexibility of flavors, and not very much less atmosphere. Very disappointed.

      1. Have not been to the Somerville location but friends have and recommended it. I went last week with my 9 yr old daughter. We had tableside Caesar salad (not really Mexican but she loves it) - very good except way too much dressing. We split 4 appetizers (Camarones al Mezcal, Pork tacos, Longaniza quesedillas, and enchiladas del carne) - all were excellent. Small portions except for the shrimp dish. We then split a pollo almendrado - also excellent. I'd give it a B+/A- on food but a C on service: excruciatingly slow between appetizers and main dish. Was medium busy.

        Overall we liked it and will return. The prices aren't that bad and you can make a meal out of the appetizers if you want. The service should improve with time (I hope). It would be nice if a restaurant will be able to avoid the 'three years and out" curse the spot seems to confer.

        Restaurant website with menus:

        Tu Y Yo Mexican Cuisine
        66 Chestnut St, Needham, MA 02492

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        1. re: L84Dinner

          Went again with family for dinner on a Sat night. Packed. Food pretty much the same but the service was very prompt - vast improvement over our prior visit.

        2. I've been to the Somerville location and found it ok, but went to the Needham spot for lunch and thought it a ripoff. Ordered queso with chorizo which came with mini tortillas. Instead of chunks of chorizo, it was more like a garnish--just a few crumbled bits, which made it a way overpriced grilled cheese. Server was sympathetic but didn't contact the mgr. when I indicated the portion was skimpy.

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          1. re: ShelT54

            Went to the Needham location Saturday night- 6 of us. The food was just ok but some not good at all. The fish taco was a joke- the fish was tiny bits of fish in a single,cold flour tortilla. One DC ordered a pork dish which she said was like pulled pork from Blue Ribbon. The mole poblano was just ok. I had a quesadilla with the corn fungus thing- most of the filling was corn. The guacamole, made tableside,was good but not remarkable. The mango pie and mocha flan were good. Margaritas were so-so, One made with OJ tasted like plain oj.Another one was better but expensive ($9.95). There was a representative from the Mexican government passing out free mescal after dinner. He kept pouring, talked alot about mescal, how they obtain the scorpions in the bottle,etc. I must say that the service was very good and very friendly. However, everything was very expensive for what it was.