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Wine Shop in San Diego?

Hi Hounds,

I recently moved to San Diego and am in search of a shop with some variety and decent prices ($15-20)...any suggestions? I live in the Normal Heights area so anywhere close-ish would be a plus but if I can get good deals, I'll drive!


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  1. We like san diego wine co on miramar rd, and for sipping then buying wine we like wine steals for a fun afternoon.

    1. Enthusiastic second to San Diego Wine Co. on Miramar Rd. Costco-like prices but a tremendous selection of wines in the $5 to $25 range, plus many more beyond that range. It's a 15-20 minute drive from Normal Heights, but well worth it.

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        2nd SDW Co. Also, Costco has some good selections and good prices as well.

      2. the wine loft is a great spot in carlsbad for inexpensive wines from small california wineries. Definitely my go to spot here in north county.

        1. In addition to San Diego Wine Co, there's also Vintage Wines (which is a block W of SD Wine Co. on Miramar, behind the Denny's) and also WineSellar Brasserie, which is off Mira Mesa near Huenikens.

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            We've recently discovered Holiday Wine Cellar in Escondido. They have a wonderful selection of domestic and foreign wines along with a decent offering of higher end distilled products and beer. They offer tastings (Mondays are wine, Thursdays are beer) and classes and have an enomatic, a tasting machine stocked with an ever-changing array of 16 bottles, vacuum sealed and attached to pumps that you activate with a card onto which you've loaded any dollar amount you wish (tastes range from $1-$5). A couple of weeks ago I was able to sample a $100 Burgundy and a Gewurztraminer ice wine from Israel. Yum!


          2. As someone who is a wine lover, but not enough so to consider my self an expert, nor overly knowledgeable on any wides from outside of California....SD Wine Co is far and away the best. The attitudes of the guys who work there are plain helpful. I walked into the other one on Miramar once and after five minutes (I felt like I was been eye-balled by the guy working) I left and went to SD Wine. They seem eager to help, are very low key and non "wine snobbish" and impress on the fact that they taste every wine they sell. As well if you sign up for their mailing list...they always have a deal of the month which is generally pretty damn good.

            1. The Wine Bank downtown on 5th

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                Used to go there all the time when Mike owned it. Been once since new ownership took over, and I found the prices astronomically high.

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                  Ditto. The new owner is obviously catering to the "know nothing" convention trade.

                  From what I've heard, Bryan (Mike's nephew) is opening/going to a new store soon. I've heard it's going to be called 57 degrees. Not sure where though.

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                    By the old Cost Plus outlet, just off Washington west of the 5. Partnering with Russ from 57 degrees, currently on G St. but losing their location to the city for a park.

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                      Hey GP, I think that was the old Pier 1 shop that used to be next to Cousins Warehouse!

                      This place is looking to be very cool. Lot's of other little shops within it. Coffee shop, bakery, deli, restaurant.


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                        Yeah, that was always the plan. Russ is a late addition, it was Bryan and Terry. Don't know if Terry's still involved, haven't seen him in ages, but I think he is.

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                          your information is a bit off here. Terry isn't involved but you can reach him at what is now called, I think, La Costa WIne up in Carlsbad.

              2. Thanks so much everyone, sounds like there are some veritable options here. I will definitely check some of these out this weekend!

                1. San Diego Wine Co. does probably have the best selection and prices but it's not that close to Normal Heights. I haven't been to Wine Steals in Hillcrest in awhile so I'm not sure if it's still good or not, but that might be your closest option.

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                    Wine Steals does have decent prices. I also like to shop 3rd Corner in OB. Sometimes even beats SD Wine Co. on some offerings. Agree with mcgrath, Wine Bank prices have gone into convention/expense account neighborhood.

                  2. What wine shop has a good selection of French wines??

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                      I don't know how you define good but Winesellar & Brassierie has a good selection of French wines in their shop

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                        Winesellar and Brasserie has one of the best french(Bordeaux and Burgundy) and california selections in town. While it is a bit more expensive then the Wine Company(10-15%) there selection is by far larger. Talk with Eric the wine manager, he is always around(preppy long hair with a goatee), he always has good recs and is willing to deal on the higher end stuff.

                    2. some good news: Dennis, who used to work for Bryan at the Wine Bank (don' bother going there anymore), will now be at 3d Corner in OB. Dennis has been working the distributor side selling wine to wine shops, bars, restarurants.

                      1. has anyone been to that new wine shop in carlsbad village. I just read about in carlsbad magazine. Paon it's called.

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                          SDG, Paon is a new restaurant with all the people from Wine Sellar and Brasserie, just about everyone joined the new restaurant. Very good food, menu is similar to the old WSB, since they have the same chef. Steve is owner/manager so you will be treated like a member of the family.

                          They have a small wine next to the restaurant and they do tastings there.

                        2. Check out Tango wine in Little Italy.

                          They have a slant toward Argentinian wines.