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Sep 9, 2009 10:08 AM

Wine Shop in San Diego?

Hi Hounds,

I recently moved to San Diego and am in search of a shop with some variety and decent prices ($15-20)...any suggestions? I live in the Normal Heights area so anywhere close-ish would be a plus but if I can get good deals, I'll drive!


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  1. We like san diego wine co on miramar rd, and for sipping then buying wine we like wine steals for a fun afternoon.

    1. Enthusiastic second to San Diego Wine Co. on Miramar Rd. Costco-like prices but a tremendous selection of wines in the $5 to $25 range, plus many more beyond that range. It's a 15-20 minute drive from Normal Heights, but well worth it.

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        2nd SDW Co. Also, Costco has some good selections and good prices as well.

      2. the wine loft is a great spot in carlsbad for inexpensive wines from small california wineries. Definitely my go to spot here in north county.

        1. In addition to San Diego Wine Co, there's also Vintage Wines (which is a block W of SD Wine Co. on Miramar, behind the Denny's) and also WineSellar Brasserie, which is off Mira Mesa near Huenikens.

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            We've recently discovered Holiday Wine Cellar in Escondido. They have a wonderful selection of domestic and foreign wines along with a decent offering of higher end distilled products and beer. They offer tastings (Mondays are wine, Thursdays are beer) and classes and have an enomatic, a tasting machine stocked with an ever-changing array of 16 bottles, vacuum sealed and attached to pumps that you activate with a card onto which you've loaded any dollar amount you wish (tastes range from $1-$5). A couple of weeks ago I was able to sample a $100 Burgundy and a Gewurztraminer ice wine from Israel. Yum!


          2. As someone who is a wine lover, but not enough so to consider my self an expert, nor overly knowledgeable on any wides from outside of California....SD Wine Co is far and away the best. The attitudes of the guys who work there are plain helpful. I walked into the other one on Miramar once and after five minutes (I felt like I was been eye-balled by the guy working) I left and went to SD Wine. They seem eager to help, are very low key and non "wine snobbish" and impress on the fact that they taste every wine they sell. As well if you sign up for their mailing list...they always have a deal of the month which is generally pretty damn good.