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Sep 9, 2009 10:03 AM

Drinks and Sides at Peter Luger

Hi CH- Making my first trip to Peter Luger this Friday. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on sides and drinks. My first thought is red wine with steak obviously but their dark beer sounds appealing. Also how are the German potatoes done? Are they much better than just regular fries?
Thank you!

Peter Luger Steak House
178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. it's been said that the steak for two is the best - i was told this AFTER i lamented that my steak for one was boring. creamed spinach is good. also, the schlag. otherwise, i found this place kind of "meh."

    1. I think the dark beer is a good choice- they're not known for their wine list. As for sides, I recommend the onion rings and the bacon.

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        I used to sell wine and so I can vouch for this - they do their wine list strictly by lowest cost and highest markup (ie Santa Margharita PG). I always stick to beer.

      2. I am going here for the first time in many years, this weekend. We are three people--I am bringing two out of town guests.

        We will probably get steak for two, as I read here that this yields the best cut, and perhaps lamb chops as appetizers (are the lamb chops truly special??)

        What else? Will they be serving great tomatoes since it is tomato season? Any other dishes I should know about besides bacon, potatoes and creamed spinach? How is the Caesar salad?

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          Porterhouse for 2-3 or 4. This is perfection. Tomatoes, with house sauce, bacon by the slice, for apps. and traditional creamed spinach and German potatos. Apple strudel "mit Schlag",
          You will be entering the hallowed hall of TRADITION in steak!!!!!!!!

          1. re: erica

            Lamb chops are truly special. I would put them up against the bacon as an app any day. Usually I just get both. Definitely get the tomatoes and onions too, I have never seen a salad served there.

            Sides I get are spinach and german potatoes, if My Dad isn't there I also get fries, he won't order anything that wasn't on the menu in 1960.

            1. re: 2slices

              Thanks to you both! I will start fasting today to make room! The latest dinner reservation we could get was 3:45pm! On a Saturday in August!

          2. We are a party of 3 and I can put away some serious beef. Would it be crazy to order the porterhouse for 4? The last time I was at Luger's I split the steak for 2 with one other person and felt like I could have kept going. That was a long time ago though.

            1. All you need to know is BACON. If you're going early enough during the day, perhaps get a side of cheeseburger to share with your fellow diners. But otherwise, just get the bacon.

              In general, I think you're overthinking this Luger's experience. The porterhouse and bacon are reason to eat there- if you insist on using up real estate with potatoes and creamed spinach, so be it, but there's nothing v. special about anything else going on there, in my opinion.
              As a side note, I would opt for Wolfgang's in Manhattan- same food, half the price.

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              1. re: bennyt

                I was surprised at how reasonable PL was. Three of us were more than satisfied with steak for two and an order of lamb chops, plus potatoes, creamed spinach, tomato and onion, Caesar Salad, and strudel and the chocolate mousse cake for dessert, with schlag.

                With a bottle of their house-label cabernet, the bill came to about $70 pp with tax, before tip. Good service, too.

                1. re: erica

                  erica, we are going to peter lugers in brooklyn for the first time this weekend. so a steak for 2 will be plenty for 3 of us? it will be my husband and i and our 21 year old daughter. we are planning on trying the bacon since i've read so much about it, maybe a salad, a couple of sides and some dessert. i've read the wine prices are extremely expensive. can you get any reasonable wine by the glass or bottle? otherwise may have to settle for beer.

                  1. re: bandjde

                    The wine prices are not particularly expensive. It's just that the wines are mediocre.

                    1. re: bobjbkln

                      Cheapest wine is about $40, and it is cheap wine. Beer is a better choice, as well as a Manhattan or a Martini first, which are huge.

                      I think the creamed spinach is definitely worthy and shouldn't be missed--rich yet light and great flavor. I don't really need potatoes to take up more room than I can be filling with bacon and steak. I haven't tried the lamb chop but I will next time instead of potatoes.

                    2. re: bandjde

                      Yes, I think you will be fine with steak for two. We had the lamb chops, too, but even so, it is a LOT of meat. My stay-at-home friend had one meal with it the next day and even then he could not finish the contents of the doggy bag!
                      You can get wine by the glass, but I thought that their house cabernet was fine. I don't know the price, but it could not have been so bad since we had all that food and the bill came to about $70 pp before tip.

                      1. re: bandjde

                        Not a great wine selection, but some pretty good beer choices. If you ask me, a nice steak should always be enjoyed with an ice cold beer anyway.