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Sep 9, 2009 09:30 AM

Recommendations for Bruges please

I am going to Bruges for the weekend of the 18th September. I would love any recommendations. Nothing mega expensive or stuffy.
Many thanks

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  1. I haven't been there yet, but will be going at the end of September (as a day trip from Brussels) and have done extensive research for our one meal. I have chosen Den Dyver, which not only gets very positive comments, but is moderately priced and seems to emphasize contemporary Belgian, with beer pairings available (it's the beer pairings that really sold me on it). If you do go there, I would love to get your reaction as we are planning to go on the 27th.

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      rrems, We are headed for Belgium in Oct for a week and plan to go to Bruges. Den Dyver was recommended to us by someone who owns a brewery and restaurant here in the states...he was there a few years ago and said that the beer pairings were outstanding. PLEASE report back if you go...and I would appreciate any other insight as I have always liked your posts on the France board. Thanks!

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        Thanks for the good news about Den Dyver. I could tell just from their website that they are quite passionate about food and beer. I will definitely be reporting during and after our trip. Our dinner plans in Brussels are Viva M'Boma, Bruneau and l'Idiot du Village. We are also taking a day trip to Antwerp, where we will have lunch but will check out a few menus when there and choose a place for lunch.

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          Great...I will look forward to your reports as you will be blazing our trail. The person who recommended Den Dyver said that the beer pairings at Den Dyver where the best he's ever experienced, and he participates in beer tastings/festivals all over the states. Of course, as I said, it was a few years ago, so let's both hope that the quality continues.
          We also want to try l'Idiot du Village in Brussels, as well as La Clef des Champs, Mer du Nord, 't Kelderke and/or Bleu de toi...mind you, I have no other personal recommendations and these picks are just pulled from my own extensive research.
          We also plan to go to Antwerp, so again, I look forward to hearing all about your trip!