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Sep 9, 2009 09:21 AM

Birthday dinner at the Yew with allergies

We took my daughter who turned 3 yesterday to the Yew for dinner and it was such a nice experience for all three of us so I wanted to share. She has major food allergies to dairy, eggs, cod, peanuts, lentils so it's always difficult when we dine out. They totally took care of her with respect to her allergies and making it special for her. To start I ordered the greek salad which came with a large chunk of fresh and creamy feta, tempura olives, marinated heirloom tomatoes and cucumber. It was a refreshing salad and it was nice to be able to control how much cheese I had because I don't like overly cheesed (I don't think that's a word but you know what I mean) foods. They brought my daughter a fresh fruit plate which included pineapple, watermelon, honeydew, grapes, and strawberries. For dinner I opted for another starter, the crab fritters, which were ok but that could be attributed to the fact that I had just made homemade crab cakes with mango salsa and a cilantro/avocado emulsion the night previous. I probably should have ordered something else. My daughter had the pasta with tomato sauce. They usually use an egg based pasta but they had one on hand that didn't have eggs and the pasta was delicious. I was wiping up her leftover sauce and eating it with bread:). And for dessert my husband and I shared a lemon tart with lemon ice cream. The tart was good but the ice cream was too tart. They brought out a trio of dairy free sorbets for my daughter, blackberry, mango, and strawberry. At the end they usually bring out some sugar and cocoa coated almonds and homemade coconut marshmallows so my husband and I ate those and they brought out a special little plate for my daughter as well with 3 little gelees which she loved. The manager came by to ask her how her dinner was and to wish her a happy birthday which she enjoyed. It was an all around good experience and I would suggest to anyone looking for a special night out with kids. Oh I should add that they had a box of crayons, paper, and these twisty tie things they have for children waiting for her on the table when we arrived.

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  1. How lovely! This is the sort of writeup that will come in very useful when visitors ask for child-friendly recs, selena. I'm also now jonesing to try tempura olives ;-).

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      Thanks grayelf-I love it when other parents share good kid friendly resto recs when I am traveling somewhere. Some web sites I have found useful when traveling with child are and I wish there were a more comprehensive site for this type of thing though but I think a lot of people don't believe people with kids like to eat at fancy restaurants:).