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Sep 9, 2009 08:20 AM

What should I do with tart Moroccan olives?

I recently decided that it's time to learn to like olives--I've had some that I've liked at Greek/Moroccan restaurants, but in general I haven't been a fan. So, I bought some black oil-cured olives at Whole Foods that looked like the ones I've liked the most, only to discover that they were unpleasantly tart/bitter to eat on their own. A little Google sleuthing leads me to believe they are Moroccan salt-cured black olives (AKA dry-cured or oil-cured), and I've read they're mostly used in cooking. So, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to use them? I've thought about using them in empanadas or some sort of Moroccan chicken or general ideas would be helpful!

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  1. Do a search for chicken with preserved lemons and choose the recipe that most appeals to you. That would be served over couscous, in which you can stir your chopped olives and perhaps some almonds for texture. That way, you can use the olives as a highlight of the lemon flavor, rather than a primary flavor.