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Sep 9, 2009 08:09 AM

Bejing Noodle No. 9 Caesar's Palace! 9/9/09 special!

I had a wonderful lunch here 2 weeks ago!
The handmade noodles were incredible!

....any other 9/9/09 specials?

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Business is taking me to Las Vegas next week. I'll miss this promo, but the restaurant sounds like a lot of fun. Is there a bar, a counter, or any other environment appropriate for dining alone?

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      SB, There was a bar @ the front of the restaurant where you could sit and watch the noodles being made. I made the mistake of not sitting there.. I sat at a 2-Top solo. The people watching was fascinating...though the noodle making would have been much more interesting.
      I had the Beef Brisket w/ the handmade noodle and the shu mai. It was all was the restaurant beautiful. The ceilings and walls are a white glass psychedelic experience w/ orange fish swimming in the glass tanks...the restaurant has a very futuristic/retro feel!
      I look forward to next month's Vegas trip to sample from more of the menu!
      There were too many choices!