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Sep 9, 2009 07:49 AM

Asheville -- Dog friendly Friday and Zambra Saturday

We're headed to Asheville on Friday for a birthday weekend -- any suggestions on a restaurant for Friday where the dog (welsh corgi) can sit outside with us? Have been on and noticed that several restaurants allow dogs but "leashed outside rail" -- our little guy would hate that; he's very good at restaurants and doesn't get in the way....

Also, we've got a gift certificate to Zambra's for Saturday night - anything to particularly get or skip? Many thanks for input.

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  1. These previous post might help:

    As far as Zambra, I've never had anything there that I didn't enjoy. I think the menu changes pretty requently, so it may be hard to mkae reccomendations, unless someone has been there very recently. This may help:

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    1. I love can come to my house! My dog likes Sunny Point and Modesto (modesto will almost certainly have some really good stuff and some really odd stuff)

      Zambra - if you see fried calamari w/ a green sauce, it's good. Order the bread ($3.) Get a wine from the Jumilla region. Scallops and shrimp usually good. Quail often good. I skip the desserts.

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        Many thanks -- I had seen Sunny Point and it looked particularly tasty, esp. as the BF generally sleeps in and their all-day breakfast will be a hit...