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Teton Village vs. Jackson

We will be traveling to the Four Seasons in the Teton Village in late September for a meeting. I am finding a lot of restaurant recommendations in Jackson, but not many in the Village. I realize that they aren't so far away, but do we need to get in the car and go to Jackson every time we want a nice meal, or are there good places in the village (or close by) too? We will be eating one dinner at the FS, but don't want to eat there all the time. Italian is out because of a cheese allergy in the family. We will have our 10 year old son with us, who is a relatively adventurous eater, but don't want to go anywhere a well behaved child would not be welcome. Suggestions?

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  1. you haven't heard much because teton village doesn't offer much. You should try Noras Fishing Creek in Wilson. breakfast is the best but also great spot for dinner. kid friendly and great Huveos Rancheros. I n town if you go 1 night it has to be Snake River Grill. The best in town for years. My kids also love the view from (breakfast or dinner) at The Granary. Billys in town is great low key burger joint. If you have to eat your way(in teton) Gamefish isn't bad. good luck

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        Yes, we will be renting a car, and we are certainly willing to drive for good food. I was just trying to figure out if we had to or if there were equally good places at the village.

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          after being in Jackson many many times we would only go to Teton if we had to. that said since you have a car I would take advantage of it. The first thing I would do is drive every morning with your 10 year old on what we call the loop. We would get fresh coffee in town (tjays) and drive toward the airport. Drive to moose turn left(past Dornans) cross the Snake River and take the first left. the drive early is beautiful and usually full of game. It will take you right back to Teton Village. then go to Noras for breakfast. Or for you reverse the loop and drive on your side of the river first then cross the river at moose then back to town to eat or go to Noras.

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            Thanks for the tips. I was clearly thinking about things wrong and envisioning spending too much time in the car that we could be spending outside. However, it sounds like the drive itself is beautiful and the restaurants are significantly better in Jackson. Will plan accordingly. I'll be there for a meeting, so may not get to fully take advantage of breakfast places, but it does broaden our possibilities for dinner. As usual, it looks like we won't be there long enough to take advantage of all of the great choices!

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              by the way did you like the outer banks?

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                I wasn't part of the Norfolk trip, but we do go to the Outer Banks every year and LOVE it there. We go to Avon, in the southern part, which we think is beautiful. The restaurants are horrible, but great fresh seafood, so we cook all week.

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                  I have a house in hatteras I think there are some fun low key spots but thats it. Best spot in all obx "1587 " in Tranquility Inn Manteo. try this place its great. best apple fritters of all time in Buxton "Orange Blossum" go early and get the dark fritters. buxton fun fish tacos "buxton munch" next to the ABC store. Hatteras Risky Business fish shop get the steamed spicy shrimp jumbos. "Pops" dive bar great spot for lunch(buxton) steamed shrimp and hushpuppies. I don't go to foodlion in avon anymore, on the way down I stop at Harris Tetter in kill devil hills. also talk to Forest at the salty gourmet in buston fun wine tasting every thursday(usually).

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                    We do love the Orange Blossom. We'll try the Buxton Munch next time too. We go to the Avon Risky Business for all of our seafood. We have also stopped using the Food Lion and prefer the Village Grocery in Avon. Luckily, we always go with friends, and we all take turns cooking. We've found that it beats the restaurants and is easier with kids.

      2. There is some very good, very expensive dining in Teton Village. The once-funky ski resort has blossomed with multi-starred hotels, each with at least one restaurant. and often a spa In addition to the Four Seasons, there the Terra Hotel, Teton Mountain Lodge, and the Snake River Lodge (a RockResort). The Granary, which Kevin 25 mentioned, is at the Spring Creek Resort, near but not in town. These are all high-end hotels that are accustomed to having well-behaved and sophisticated children on property and in their restaurants. If you are lucky, some of them will offer off-season special prices.

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          We were in Jackson area last year and stayed at FS. There was a great sushi place just down the road from TV in a little shopping center. Maybe not LA or NY level but we were amazed at the decor and the high quality of the food. Chef worked at Nobu or Morimoto or something like that. The only problem is I can't remember the name. The FS staff will know if it's still there. It was listed in the local tourist mags on where to eat.

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            Update on our Jackson Hole trip:
            We loved our trip to Jackson, and overall had a great dining experience. We wound up at Q Roadhouse, Blu Restaurant, and Trio American Bistro. Our only disappointment was that a last minute schedule change in my meeting prevented us from our evening at Snake River, so that will have to wait for a return trip.
            Of the dinners that we ate out, our favorite (by far) was Blu Restaurant. I thought I would mention it here, because I didn't see a lot about it on Chow and was given this recommendation by friends of ours who live there part of the year. It is a beautiful restaurant and the service was perfect, but this was also our very favorite food. I would describe it as Asian Fusion Small Plates. Some of our favorite dishes were rock shrimp, a tuna roll special which was finished in a tempura batter, tuna in foie gras butter, and the pork dumplings. Of the restaurants where we ate, this is the one that made us say "if we lived in Jackson, we would be at this restaurant ALL the time." The other restaurants were very good, but a little less unique, and I wouldn't necessarily feel that I would need to return to them as opposed to trying other chow recommendations. Incidentally, the food at the Four Seasons was also quite good, even in the banquet setting and they had some reasonably priced specials going on as well. (eg 4 course dinner with wine pairings for $44/pp)