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Sep 9, 2009 06:50 AM

Peaches and Apples oh my!

Things got a little out of hand this weekend in the mountains and after spending last night canning I still have 8 pounds each of peaches and apples to put up. I already have 2 kinds of peach jam and peaches in cognac as well as tons of apple butter. I need some ideas for what to do with the rest of my haul. Any out of the box ideas?? Thank you!!

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  1. make pie filling and freeze. You can use it for actual pie, or cobbler, or just heating and eating without and kind of crust and some ice cream on top etc.

    1. Bake off a few Crumbles in disposable aluminum pans. Give as a surprise to unseuspecting people in your life--admins at work, someone at church, older person who is shut in, etc. Brighten someones day!

      1. next season, make some peach and vidalia onion salsa or relish, with a bit of heat. i got some as a present once from a place in mcdonough, georgia's town square. i have never found its name or its equal in terms of flavor.

        i think you need greener fruit (less ripe) for the chutneys -- at least that's the case with mangoes.

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          ALKA thats an awesome idea. Cant wait for the Vidalias to do this

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            superb on a roast pork sandwich, btw.

        2. If I were you, instead of just a jealous girl with three galas to her name, I would be researching the heck of the world of chutney. It keeps well, and is a versatile addition to so many dishes (roast meats, sandwiches, bread puddings, a topping for, or addition to, desserts), and can be made into a pretty present.