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Sep 9, 2009 06:32 AM

Tokyo: Shunju restaurant

Hello Japan hounds,

On a business trip (my first visit to Japan) last year I was taken out a few times by Japanese colleagues to Shunju restaurant -- at more than one location. Apart from that, we ate at much humbler places.

Some of the food at Shunju was excellent, particularly the tempura and fresh tofu. I didn't see the bill. I sensed I was being taken somewhere exceptional, at the very least compared to where we end up going when we're travelling on business in the U.S.

If, on my return to Tokyo as a tourist, I wanted to go to Shunju, what kind of a bill would two people be looking at with a few drinks each? With no Japanese and having been hand-held through the experience it was very difficult for me to get a picture of just how exclusive and expensive it was. From what little I understand it is, or once was, very trendy.

Just to provide some context, we generally inhabit the world of cheap to moderate dining, but are lucky enough to be able afford a splurge when we think it's worth it. I suppose in this question I'm trying to gauge whether we could have a similar experience for less money or fuss. I did search the board but found little mention of the place.


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  1. Shunju is nothing fancy or exceptional by Tokyo standards. Good, solid food, at mid-range pricing. A full-set course dinner is probably 6-10,000 yen per person, so add a couple of drinks to that. But you can always order a la carte and maybe eat/pay less.

    Personally, I found it straightforward and too "generic" and without a specific "hook" to draw me there again.

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      I was a big fan of the (now defunct) Kitchen Shunju in Shinjuku My City (another name from the past). Dinner and drinks were usually Y5000-7000 as I recall. Excellent food, good service, witty decor, and a fun place to bring visitors. I found a few dishes I really liked that drew me back for repeat visits.

      I'd estimate around Y9000 per person for dinner (a la carte) and drinks at the Ebisu branch, and maybe a little less at Tameike.

      1. re: Robb S

        Thanks to you both. It certainly sounds like we could plan a visit. But I'll also be studying other board posts to get a broader picture of the opportunities we'll have over there.

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          Been to two Shunju before and enjoyed them both. Particularly liked the one in Shibuya where we were seated in this little upstairs alcove. Even though I went there at least 6 years ago, I still have fond memories of the fried chicken skin which was thin like a piece of paper and the excellent sake selection.

          As for price, why don't you see for yourself here: