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Sep 9, 2009 06:26 AM

Apple Picking Near Boston NOT Like Disney?

I've done some preliminary research on the board and found a few posts about apple-picking in the area, but most of the good places listed were out near Stow (an hour away from where I live in Brookline). Is there anywhere closer to Boston for picking apples that doesn't make you feel like you have accidentally gone to a children's amusement park? My bf and I tried Belkin farms in Natick last year and ended up leaving when we saw the magic show and line for the hayride to get to the apples. We are just looking for a quiet orchard to pick some apples, and if the only way to get that experience is to drive an hour, so be it, but I wanted to poll the board first. Thanks!

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  1. Here is a link with all of the farms. Looks like there are lots of places in N Andover, Danvers and Boxford, - but nor sure if these places are too far away for you. Good luck

    1. Barden Family Orchard in N. Scituate, Rhode Island is excellent. They have peaches and apples for Pick Your Own. We recently moved to Somerville from Providence and have been driving back for our fruit picking needs this summer as it is not all that far and we know what we are going to get.

      1. Good luck finding an orchard that isn't full of children. I've been to a few out in Stow and they are usually full of kids. Maybe you should try going out mid-week now that school is back in session. If that's not an option, get up extra early and try arriving at the orchard as they open. The hoards of mini vans seem to show up about an hour or so after opening in my experience.

        Really though, once you are picking, I don't think the crowds are too bad. It's usually the worst at the hayride (if they have one) or near the front of the orchard (bathrooms, lines for cider donuts, sheep/pigs to pet). Get there at opening, buy a bag of hot donuts, eat them while picking and get out before it's crazy.

        1. Doe Orchards in Harvard is our standby - no hayrides, clowns, goats. Just trees, including lots of my favorite: Macoun. Very easy to get to, straight shot out Rt 2, about 45' from Brookline (where I also live). Never crazed, even on weekends.

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            Just last night my BF and I were talking about apple picking. Like the OP we are use to the basic, no frills orchard/farm. Looks like exactly what we are looking for. Thanks for the suggestion.

            1. Nicewicz Family Farm in Bolton is terrific. Not only are there no kids but they let you pick anywhere you like and as many varieties as you like. If you want to try before you buy, the Nicewicz's come to the Brookline Farmers Market.

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                They also come to Belmont's Farmer's Market and, I think, Arlington too.

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                  And Newton and Needham. I just mentioned Brookline because the OP lives there.