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Sep 9, 2009 05:41 AM

Momofuku noodle bar or Ssam Bar

First time which is better for lunch?

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  1. Not sure there's a good answer for this. I think most CHers think that Ssam Bar is a superior restaurant, and it's certainly the one with a wider variety on offer - you can come closer to putting together a mini-Momofuku Ko meal there if you set your mind to it. But Noodle Bar is probably easier to make lunch out of, simply because you can order a single noodle or curry dish (plus, of course, the pork buns) and be done with it. Just ordering a single 'entree' dish at Ssam Bar would almost be to miss the point.

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    1. re: cjd260

      Just had the pork buns and fried chicken last night at Noodle Bar. The pork buns were was the fried chicken.

      1. re: roro1831

        Ooh - been waiting to try the fried chicken. Unfortunately, though, you're not going to be enjoying that as a lunch walk-in.

        1. re: cjd260

          True, should have mentioned that to the OP, the fried Chicken is reservation only.. Having never been to Ssam, I would love to try Noodle Bar for lunch based on what I saw hitting the tables around us last night.

      2. re: cjd260

        I had the prixe lunch at Noodle Bar a few weeks ago, and while I prefer Saam bar, and I was very very impressed.

        Id never known about the slushie machines. How new is that?

        1. re: ConOrama

          I had one of the watermelon lemonade slushies and someone else had the dark and stormy, very good stuff

          1. re: ConOrama

            About 6-8 weeks ago they got the machines.

          2. re: cjd260

            Both noodle bar and ssam bar have lunch prix fixes, so no need to order just a single dish. Both are good, but I would go to Ssam Bar if it were me.

          3. I'm partial to Noodle bar because it's cheaper, and I love to sit at the bar (kitchen) and order the prix fixe. It's louder and more bustling, whereas Ssam is darker and more relaxed. Ssam is better if you're ready to spend freely and order a lot of different dishes. The prix fixe at Ssam is always the same, but the prix fixe at noodle bar has some really fun dishes that may only be on the menu for one day. And yeah, those slushies at Noodle Bar are irresistible, esp. the watermelon.