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Sep 9, 2009 05:17 AM

ISO: Premium Butters

While in Boston in July (which is an excellent foodie city for all those looking to eat in new places) had this unreal vermont sourced butter at the Sensing resto at the Fairmont Battery Wharf.

Lets just say, it's given me the urge to try some nice butters. Not necessarily looking for that one specifically, just curious if there's any stores that sell premium butter, or a variety of butters, in the GTA.


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  1. Gilead Cafe has some from time to time, or you might try one of the specialty butchers, like Cumbrae.

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      Truffle Butter from Cheese Boutique...Plus you can find some different butters (i.e not sold at big grocery stores) at St. Lawrence Market.
      I came home from Montreal with 3 tubs of butter that you cant get here..I treat it like gold!!