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Sep 9, 2009 04:22 AM

Where's the best hummus in the city?

Whether in a deli or restaurant, where's the best hummus?

My money is on Harlem Foods in Bridgeview. Its homemade by a lovely Palestinian woman named Khaltu Hana (Aunt Hana). The most popular hummus amongst southside Arabs.

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  1. Hummus is possibly one of the easiest things to prepare at home and even the "best" take-out or restaurant hummus can be topped by a simple homemade preparation. Having said that my favorite presentation of hummus is Taboun's dish with sauteed mushrooms in the center. Great blend of flavors.

    1. My favorites are from the Middle Eastern Bakery on Foster and Clark. Affordable and incredibly addicting. I know you can make hummus at home, but I don't because this is so close.

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        I love the hummus across the street from the Middle Eastern Bakery at Taste of Lebanon. Everything there is great. Get the wonderful crispy fries and dip them in the hummus. Tradition? No. Delicious? Yes! Who knows, they might even get it from the bakery across the street.

        I do agree that making hummus at home is super easy, too.

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          Fries plus hummus = must try! I love the chicken shwarma sandwich from TOL too.

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            Agreed! Taste of Lebanon has great hummus. I used to live around the corner. I never cared much for Middle Easter Bakery's hummus (my homemade is better) but I enjoyed Taste of Lebanon's at least once a week.

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              The soup at TOL is to die for. When I lived around the corner, I had it at least once a week for dinner.

          2. I swear by Semiramis on Kedzie (just south of Wilson).

            And stop by one of the nearby middle eastern bakeries for fresh pita bread. If you time it right, the pitas will still be warm - ah, heaven!

            1. Oasis Cafe, at the rear of Jewelers' Mall on Wabash behind Macy's, has the smoothest, butteriest hummos I have ever tasted. I bring home a large takeout order and add more garlic to it.

              1. Sultan's on North Ave. Really good Lentil soup too.
                Pita Inn in Skokie, Wheeling and one other location in the northwest burbs for great hummus and Baba G. Get the lentil soup there too, it is very tasty.