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Sep 9, 2009 01:54 AM

Korean Soap Opera Dish Question

I frequently watch Korean soap operas and they always eat a "midnight snack dish" at home served in a big bowl with lots of rice and vegetables mixed together. Is that called Bi Bim Bop? Where can I get a really good bowl in the LA/OC area?

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  1. Hi Jessi,
    from your description it sure does sound like bibimbap. I don't live in your area so I can't tell you where the good Korean restaurants are. However it is very good, just so you know though it is not just vegetables and rice. Many things are included in it such as ground meat. However what I think truly completes the dish is the sunny side up on top xD

    Anyway, good luck on your search!

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      Traditionally, it's served with raw egg, but fried is more common in the US because of salmonella concerns. Be sure the yolk is at least still runny. Lots of places overcook the egg, which is inexcusable.

    2. Haven't watched dramas in a while but sounds like bibimbap. I've never thought of it as a midnight snack though. In any rate you can get it at almost every korean restaurant. Though it's not always good. You're better off going to a specialist like jeon ju. The most popular version for non koreans is the dol sot bibimbap which comes in a hot stone bowl which crisps up the rice giving a cruchy soft texture. At home we usually just eat it w/o the stone, and I tend to prefer it that way. They usually give you a squirt bottle of hot chili paste and you can add as much as you like. They're supposed to add sesame oil to it as well. Usually not enough for my taste so I always ask for some more.

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        For the OP, that chili paste peppermonkey mentions is called "gochujang."

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          Although they don't specialize in making it, Beverly Soon Dubu makes a pretty good bibimbap, both regular and dol sot. The dol sot is a new addition to the menu. I saw it the last time I went. And they provide tableside gochujang and sesame oil!

      2. I don't really watch Korean soap operas, but I have to say a midnight snack my roomates and I would consume during college was rice mixed with kimchi, sesame oil, and gochujang (the red pepper paste). And we were kind of like a Korean soap opera cast, except minus the plastic surgery and the fatal illnesses and the falling in love with stepbrothers part. Anyways, it was delish.

        1. Thanks everyone. I'm going to try it next time I go to a Korean restaurant. I think I recently had a different version of it at a Korean owned Japanese Restaurant and it had rice, romaine lettuce and various bits of sashimi. The sauce was much milder than I expected but it was quite good.

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            this is a different dish called hwae do bap the sauce can vary...a won in ktown makes the best version i've had...if you like roe you might wanna try al bap...which had various types of fish eggs over rice...i really like it when they have uni with it...