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Sep 9, 2009 12:41 AM

Kitchener/Waterloo stores

I am relatively new to the area and I am an enthusiastic home cook, looking all the time to improve my skills and the quality of the food I make. I am really happy to have found this board. Getting to Toronto on a regular basis is not a good option for me at the moment.

My question is: Where in the K/W area are the best places to purchase quality food products? Gourmet items, decent loose-leaf tea, ethnic grocery stores? Anything along those lines. I have managed to find a couple of half way decent Indian stores, but so far nothing in the way of Chinese/Japanese or Mexican. Help?

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  1. Vincenzo's on Belmont will have many of the interesting and pricey gourmet ingredients (such as olives, olive oil, chocolate, etc.). New City Supermarket is the biggest source for Chinese and South-east Asian ingredients, in Downtown Kitchener by the Kitchener Farmer's Market. Finally there are a couple of Japanese/Korean stores further up near King and Victoria.

    Oh, there's also a tea store called Distinctly Tea on Caroline and William that sells a large variety of loose leaf teas.

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      Add the St. Jacob's Market to the list

    2. The Kichener Farmers Meat Marketon Victoria North has nothing to do with any farmers market whatsoever. It is a very good Eastern European deli, butcher and bakery with Balkan emphasis. They do their own baking, butchering and sausage making. They have a pretty complete selection: dried noodles, spices (Hungarian Paprika), conserves, sauerkraut (including full cabbage) and prepared meals. Prices are very reasonable.

      1. Down the road from New City (south on King) is also Benh Thanh (sp?) which is a Vietnamese grocery store. There are a couple of David's Gourmet locations in town, one on King downtown and one in Waterloo on Northfield. The Korean stores are by King and Victoria. One is right at the corner in the A frame building but I have noticed their stock is going down. At the lights just north of there in the plaza with the LCBO there is another Korean/Japanese grocery with a little better stock. The LCBO at this location also carries a selection of sake and soju. I believe that there is a south american grocery store in the second block south of Victoria on King on the east side. There are two decent seafood stores in town, T&J seafood and Caudle's Catch. New City and Benh Thanh also have a selection of decent seafood.

        1. Can't address those, but for Eastern European/German products, I highly recommend this great little café/bakery/deli:

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            For more Eastern European and Italian, try ItaloFoods on River St.

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              Thanks for all the hints. I am slowly checking them out. I did find a small Mexican store in Elmira. Not much in the way of groceries, but they did have a tortilla press. She must stock them regularly, but that was the last one. It's called Elaine's Mexican. Now I can have some decent corn tortillas! I've been to the New City Market twice, but I am just overwhelmed by it all. It's like a little slice of a real Chinese market. When I get more into real ethnic Asian cooking I will go back for sure! I did get some five spice powder there and some nice Oolong tea. Vincenzo's looks like the Italian deli to die for, deffo going for a trip there. Haven't been to the farmer's markets yet, that will have to wait for the day when I have transportation issues sorted out. Thanks so much for all the suggestions, I am a busy and happy lady, now!