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Sep 8, 2009 10:51 PM

How do you cook yellow tail tuna?

I marinated mine in a soy, sesame oil, rice vinegar and a dash of Sambal Olek. Its pretty much gold for Ahi. But Im looking for some new ideas . . . .

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  1. Sometimes I'll use this method. I'll cut repeated shallow slits diagonally across one side of the fish.
    Then I'll rub in fresh minced ginger, black pepper, (and occasionally cilantro), then drizzle a little fresh lime juice and grill.

    1. I freeze it for about 15 minutes, then coat in oil and cracked pepper or cajun seasoning. Pan sear in cast iron (really hot) or grill on high for a minute or two on each side. Serve with wasabi and soy dip on top of mixed greens. Best with sushi grade but this is what I usually do with all tuna.

      1. I'm gonna be kind of a jerk here, but with all due respect, is yellow tail tuna a regional name? I know of a yellow fin tuna, and a yellow tail snapper. Serious question, not trying to point out mistakes, really. I go to sushi joints, and I hear ppl saying "Yellow Tail Tuna." I think they are really referring to yellow fin tuna, but combining it with yellow tail (hamachi)

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          I'm not an expert, but yellowfin is a high grade tuna, and yellowtail is a catch all for a bunch of lower grade fish, mostly tuna but not set in stone.

          1. re: coll

            Guilty, I mis-read the topic. I was referring to yellowfin tuna in my post.

          2. re: gordeaux

            yellow tail is different than yellowfin.

            1. re: blackbookali

              Are they both tunas?
              Where I'm from, yellowtail is a snapper, yellowfin is a tuna.

              1. re: gordeaux

                Yellow tail is also a name used for amberjack in most sushi restaurants. The term hamachi is also used for amberjack

                1. re: gordeaux

                  "Are they both tunas?"

                  It was clearly a typo as the OP indicated Tuna. Big Eye tuna and some other tunas are more desireable than yellow fin (ahi) due to their fat content. Yellow fin is lean and firm.
                  Yellow tail is actually a yellow Jack. IIR yellowtail amberjacks are only found in the Pacific. Atlantic amberjacks are a very different beast. Yellowtail is also known as Kampachi if it's from Kona Blue.
                  Yellow tail and yellow fin are very different in taste, texture and appearane.

            2. I will use a combination of lemon juice parsley mint and garlic and a little salt, marinate for 1/2 hour and then grill to rare.