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Weekday lunch on 20th St. and Thomas?

Any Phoenicians have recommendations? All I know in the area is Barrio Cafe. I love Barrio Cafe, but would like to know what else might be worth a look. A short drive is OK.

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  1. Half a mile to the east at 24th St. & Thomas is El Napolito, a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant with really good inexpensive food. The mole is very nice. Look for it in the grungy little strip mall on the east side of 24th St. just south of Thomas.

    1. I second El Nopalito. Great cheap Mexican.
      Stacey's BBQ at 17th St/Indian School has great meats, but it's probably best to order ahead as service can be glacial. Their sides are pretty "meh", though.
      The Ranch Market at Roosevelt and 16th St has a huge indoor food court that has tons of Mexican goodies.
      Baby Kay's Cajun Kitchen at 20th St/Camelback has some really good food too. I love their gumbo and jambalaya.

      1. Second Phoenix Ranch Market and there are a slew of inexpensive Mexican places on 16th Street including a great tortas place I can't remember the name of. Also, at 20th and Camelback on the back side of the Collenade Shopping Center is Miracle Mile Deli, a place I frequently forget about because of its location. MM has great made to order sandwiches.

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          That's Tortas El Guero -- on 16th St. between McDowell & Thomas

          Another good choice is the Middle Eastern Bakery & Deli -- on 16th St. just south of Osborn.

        2. How about John's Green Gables? Been so long since I've spent much time in that neighborhood, that's all I can remember around there.

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          1. Pane Bianco is really wonderful (and much more accessible than the Pizzeria you may have heard of with the similar name ;-) ).

            The Caprese sandwich is heavenly. We usually split one of those, and one of whatever is the special of the day.

            Pane Bianco
            4404 N Central Ave Ste A, Phoenix, AZ 85012

            1. don't know how far you were looking to wander, but I've always saidthat vincents bistro at 44th and camelback is one of the hidden gems in phx. Lunch for 10-15$, free dessert, great locale, great service and lord knows you can't beat the food.

              1. Some places I've been to, recently...

                Juan's Authentic Mexican Food, 1516 E Thomas Rd - Basic, fresh, inexpensive.

                Bertha's http://berthascafe.com

                Mariscos Playa Hermosa http://mariscosplayahermosa.com

                Mariscos Acapulco, 3226 E Thomas Rd

                1. I drove by Sophie's the other day and it looked like they were open for lunch. Anybody know for sure? If so, that would be a great place. Seems to me it's around 24th and Osborn or so.

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                    I believe Sophie's serves lunch from 11-2, and yes, they are on the north side of Osborn, just west of 24th St.

                    Sophie's French Bistro
                    2320 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ