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Sep 8, 2009 09:43 PM

Noir Food and Wine in Pasadena

Peeps, go check this place out. Arguably the best wine list in Pasadena, paired with some phenomenal small plates that will satisfy the hungriest and the most discerning. VERY SATISFYING and REASONABLE $$$. -- A GREAT FIND!

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      1. re: misseatalot

        Ah. I think this is the location that was a restaurant called Scampi, and was also Aun Deli.

      2. re: caitybirdie

        Sorry - it's on Mentor Ave. just north of Colorado on the east side of the street by the Ice House...

      3. Went there last week - You're right, the wine list is great! We had seared scallops with summer corn/shitake mushroom sauteed with I think scallion oil, and a venison with mole sauce. Both were delicious. The cheese selections were good too. My only complaint is the noise level. Service was great, with the sommelier giving everyone lots of personal attention, and giving us good recommendations.