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Sep 8, 2009 08:46 PM

Pappas Grill on Danforth = awful

went for lunch with wife and 3 kids yesterday. appalling.

Daughther's pizza not cooked, not edible, sent it back. Son's hamburger burnt black. French fries looked double cooked.

Place is filthy.

Total waste of money. Never again.

Rock bottom.

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  1. lol "Son's hamburger burnt black." of course it was.

    1. I went there maybe over 15 yrs ago and they messed up a sword fish dish. It was rubbery. For some reason, this place is always busy...not sure why.

      1. You should have asked here first. I can't remember any positive reviews of that place, what made you go there? It's a few minutes from my house and I haven't been there in many years as I went once and that was enough.

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        1. re: foodyDudey

          I agree with foodyDudey, I went once and that was enough for me.

          I still don't understand how some crappy restaurants are busy.

          1. re: TOchowgal

            we were out for a drive and needed somewhere to go. didnt have the chance to ask on CH as i would normally do.

            is there a greek place on the danforth that is passable?

            1. re: Vern Ryerse


              Try Zorba's for the old school stews and soups. They're the only place of this kind still in business. Avoid the grilled and roasted things. The gigantes (giant lima beans) are a chowfind.

              Avli used to be excellent. We stopped going after things went way downhill, and haven't been there for a very long time. The owner now claims things will be returning to the quality of the old days following their brief and unsuccessful flirtation with Lambro's wine bar next door.

              Three places on Pape (Kings Park, Florida, and a new place at O'Connor) barbecue whole lambs, whole pigs, and various other things on an outdoor spit over charcoal.

              Florida's lamb was okay and they cooked their grilled stuff (including hand formed burgers) from scratch (though, like most Greek places, not necessarily to taste).

              The new place at the N/E corner of Pape & O'Connor - formerly a Princess Donuts - has parking at the door. So far (and like Kings Park) untried.

              Pappa's Grill has sold crappy Greek food since they opened. Their original specialties were burgers (no longer special and no longer cooked to taste) and wood oven pizza and foccacia.

              1. re: embee

                The new place at Pape and O'Connor is called Filo Grill. i was told that its a Persian grill, but i have no idea. scared to go there due to my low expectations of restaurants in the area.

                took some friend's to Kings Park for burgers a few years ago. like most Toronto restaurants, they strangely have 2 types of burger patties - regular (read: premade elsewhere) and a homeburger. they ordered the homeburgers. came back to my house to eat and said they were incredibly bland. i think they even added salt to the patty.

                heard Florida was great value but low on taste.

                heard great reviews of Mezes if you stick to the seafood. went to Pantheon in the winter and its generic greek food. you feel like a shmuck eating there because its so 1970s in its style, presentation, etc.

                1. re: embee

                  The old Princess Donuts is now Filo. Haven't had the courage to go in since it still looks like the bulk of their clientele are patio drinkers. Not sure food is the focus at this place, at least not unless you're a smoking, drinking, male. Hoping someone will try it and report back. Until then, it remains a little scary for me.

                2. re: Vern Ryerse

                  If we go with Sherman into the wayback machine there was a time that all of the Greek restaurants on the Danforth were basically mom and pops. Pappas Grill was the first place that wasn't formica tables and stacking chairs, I think initially the food was OK and it was a little different from the usual so it built a fast following but they've been cruising on that ever since.

                  Omonia, next door to Pappas is OK, after their reno they screwed with the menu too much (who needs a balsamic drizzle and a whole wheat dinner roll with Souvlaki) but they've now undone most of the mistakes.

                  Pantheon is generally well regarded, esepcially for seafood

                  We recently got dragged to Astoria by friends who used to live here but have been away for close to 20 years and I was pleasantly surprised, oh the service was pretty B grade and there was absolutely no innovation on display but the execution was better than I was expecting by quite a bit.

                  1. re: Vern Ryerse

                    I just tried out Messini's and I loved it. Great food for a great price. The staff were all very friendly.

                    My Greek fries arrived a bit overdone so I flagged someone down to ask for a new one, and without problem the server grabbed the plate away and brought me a new (perfect) one a few minutes later. I was very impressed with the service, food and even more impressed with how much (good!) food came for the price.

              2. Edit: this was meant to be a reply to Vern.

                Apart from Greece, I have never had a Greek meal that stands out as a masterpiece of culinary excellence. So what we are looking for is value-for-money at the upper end of mediocrity in the sort of atmosphere you want. So I'll mention two. My Greek neighbours who used to own a restaurant favour the Palace on Pape 50m North of the Danforth.

                For a Mom and Pop place (+ daughter + nephew + etc) the Asteria Souvlaki Place would be one of my recommendations. Decor is dated (seriously). Food, service and value is reasonable. Calamari, which is one of the great tests of a Greek establishment, is good. Everything cooked to order.


                The signage could belong to an establishment offering alternative entertainment. The two guys cooking in the window gives reassurance..

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                1. re: Paulustrious

                  This is the one west of Chester? I love that place, nothing fancy but solid family-run cuisine. Especially love the little patio out back in nice weather.

                  Also agree with Zorba's as a nice place to go. Otherwise, I haven't been wowed by any other Greek places on the Danforth or off.

                2. I've tried Papa's a few times over the years, against my will because of group decision, and always came away disappointed. The simplest dish is somehow just too much for their kitchen to pull off well.
                  Went to Omonia's this past weekend and had an ok meal - the dip platter is reliable, the greek salad just ok, the lamb chops tasted better than they looked, my friends roast lamb shank also tasted good, was tender but was very pale and quite unappealing to look at.
                  Astoria's is good for lunch but not for a nice dinner imho and I do like the food at The Palace, pretty reliable. Will have to try Zorba's and Messini's.

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                  1. re: capetowngirlie

                    Just to avoid the confusion some readers may have, Astoria and Asteria are two different places.