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Sep 8, 2009 08:40 PM

Any Yakitori, Yakiniku, Izikiya and great Iraqi / Iranian / Middle-eastern in Tampa Bay, Florida?

Hello Folks-

I recently moved here from San Francisco and wanted to take my parents to some some of the kinds of places I went to there.

Are there any of the kinds of places I mentioned above? I love a good yakitori place in general, but they are strangly rare in the states. Most i know in the US are very popular, sad they are not more common. Yakiniku, and the Korean version (that I dont know the proper name of) would be a lot of fun for them as well.

Also, I was deployed to Iraq for a time, and had a lot of opportunity for home cooking there, and would love for them to try some, of something like it that culturally similar..

Any ideas?

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  1. I do not think that there are any places in the Bay that serve exactly what you are looking for. It took me and my wife a while to get used to it but this is not a "big city" area when it comes to eating.
    That being said, Kaisen Sushi is Izakaya style and being the only good sushi place in the area is worth a trip for you. It is located at Dale Mabry and Bearss so it is a bit of a haul.
    The only Korean restaurant that I know of it Sa Ri One on Cypress. I am not sure what their full menu is but I do not think that they do skewers of grilled meats. I do not even know if I have seen any place that has the little grills in the tables since I moved here.
    I do not have the faintest idea what Iraqi home cooking consists of. Byblos Cafe at MacDill and Bay-to-Bay is Lebanese and pretty good.
    I really hope that you get some better responses than mine because I too would love to eat any of the foods you asked for.
    Lastly, if you are looking for interesting places to take your parents, you might need switch cuisines. There is plently of cuban food down here as well as some good mexican. Also, there are a couple of pretty good dim sum places.
    Good luck!

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      visiting tampa soon, care to share those dim sum places?

    2. I am moving to Tampa and was looking for the same type of restaurants. Did you find any of the ones you were looking for? I saw this restaurant in Tampa called Oishi that has Yakitori and Yakiniku(from what I saw on the website you don't cook it yourself). Looking forward to trying some of that Cuban and Mexican food that was mentioned also...

      1. There are Iranian restaurants , their cuisine is same as Iraqi. There is Mirage on Gulf to Bay in Clearwater, has lunch buffett. There is Morae on 1441 E. Fletcher which has a small Iranian grocery store in it. Tangerine on W. Kennedy near Univ. of Tampa is a good one. They all are reasonably priced. Mirage has belly dancing show on weekends.