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Sep 8, 2009 08:38 PM

Worthwhile in Whitestone, Queens?

Seems like a Whitestone run is in order, any specifics about the following, or any other places in the vicinity to check out.

-Cascon Cheescake
-Daquila Pastry Shop
-Tony's Beechhurst Deli
-Park's Seafood


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  1. ..OK..on the same block as CASCON CHEESECAKE..CAFE RUSTICO for some really good pizza from the WOOD BURNING BRICK OVEN (whole pies only)...You can find some good deals on imported foods at RASPBERRY FARMS on 150th Street and 14th Ave and Joe puts out some really good food at the deli in the back of the store.

    About 10 minutes away on UNION STREET in Flushing J & K Bagels prepares really great is on the same block as the huge HMART between 26th and Bayside Avenues..

    Your four choices already posted are all NE Queens stalwarts although that Union Street HMART has a huge fish dept. with great prices and quality and great produce as well.

    A stones throW from PARK"S SEAFOOD is STRAWBERRY FARMS on Willet's Point Blvd. and 150th Street, the Italian concession in the back of the store makes amazing fresh mozzarella and sausages!!!

    1. I'd try to fit in a Sicilian slice @ Matese.
      Great chocolate gelato @ Daquila.
      Cinnamon jelly donut @ Stork's

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      1. re: johnk

        thank you both, sounds great.

        1. re: janie

          There is also a new Greek Taverna on Willets Point Blvd. just east of Franny Lew ( across from McDonalds) that looks to be very busy most nights?
          Anyone have any feedback/info?

          1. re: johnk

            Solid Stuff at the " Healthy Greek" Place. Nice grilled chicken. Simple. Nothing earth shattering, but we take out from there and Nikita's quite often.

            1. re: ZenFoodist

              Hi there! Do they do a pork or chicken gyro at the new place? The chicken doner @ Nikita's is pretty decent.

              1. re: johnk

                I don't think so. We always get two 10 dollar portions of the chicken doner and have it with a big salad and pita on soccer nights. Somewhat healthy...

                1. re: johnk

                  I was there yesterday looking for just that item, a pork or chicken gyro. I looked around and did not notice any vertical spit of cooking meat so I asked. The owner said that they have gyro sandwiches but do not cook the meat that way. He said they cook pork or chicken tenders on the grill. I was about to leave and head over to either Nikita, Gyro World or Gyro Corner but I was so hungry I stayed and ordered a lunch special. I had the moussaka and it was pretty bland. It had the big layer of bechamel on top but oddly, had two vertical layers.One was eggplant and another of potato, something I had not seen before. It was large but it was barely warm amd just had no kick, a total bore. The avgolemono soup was fine. The two burned and dried out stiff as a board pita served alongside was another dissapointment. I'm sure they have some good things on the menu and Zen foodist seems to have found some but I won't be back. There are better gyros nearby and if I want a full meal I would rather go to Kati Alo, Pelagos or even Mythos.

                  1. re: stuartlafonda

                    I've been stopping in Astoria @ BZ Grill for their pork gyro lately.
                    There is a video of them setting up the spit on Josh Ozersky's Feedbag site. Thanks for your input on the new place in Whitestone. Have you tried Pita Pan on Bell Blvd.? For 3 bucks you get a decent sized sandwich. The pork is pretty good.

              2. re: johnk

                Behind McDonalds as you put it or behind the old Milk Maid as I remember it.

          2. varsi's deli on 149th makes great sandwiches and has great italian provisions.

            Varsi Deli
            15-72 149th St, Queens, NY 11357

            1. At Cascon if you are getting a cake, I highly recommend canoli cake. Andrew the owner is a great guy.

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              1. re: phantomdoc

                Working in an office next to Cascon today and tomorrow. Brother in law has been talking about his canolli birthday cake for the last 14 months. Will get him 2 cakes tomorrow. One to have with us and one to take home.

                1. re: phantomdoc

                  Cascon is along my jog route: no wonder I cannot lose weight. All those evil cheesecakes and cannoli that I always want to bring home. I was so careful to avoid La Cheesecake @14, but maybe it's because they are not open every day. Both are highly recommended, and I am at loss trying to compare them. Excellent cakes, terrific customer service at both places

                  Cascon Cheesecake
                  7-04 149th St, Queens, NY 11357

                  La Cheesecake Bake Shop
                  126-06 14th Ave, Queens, NY 11356

                  1. re: diprey11

                    Never been to La Cheesecake but Cascon is good.

              2. Add in Stork's Bakery and Utopia Bagels, both long time favorites of mine. I second your selections of Tony's and Cascon.